I'm the guy who runs the Obscure Transformers website (along with Monzo), of COURSE I would do Obscure Transformers fanart!





Autoscout. This little tape was used in the episode 'A Prime Problem'. To learn more about it, click here.

Boltax was named after a friend of Bob Budiansky's. To learn more about this crazy robot go to his page.

C.O.A.R.D. is from Transformers the movie. I made the name up myself. He was a 'Cute One Appearance Running Decepticon'. (I tend to avoid using realistic Transformer names when naming Generics so people don't mistake them for official names.) Click here to see more about him.

Crosscut is the Decepticon misfit who inspired this website. His page is to be found here.

This is just a generic Decepticon introduced by Jose Delbo in issue 60. Or at least this is my version of said Decepticon.

Earthquake fought Tornado to THE DEATH!! Check him out on his own page, here.

Fang is a bully, and he has a tonne of spikes all over him. He's also got his own page on the site, here.

This is my 'Dreamwave Style' take on the Hologram-robot Hound created to scare Devastator in 'Heavy Metal War'.

Find out more about him here.

Mindset is one of the best designed Obscures out there. Convincing, original and cool. Check him out on his own page.

This guy is a member off the infamous 'Triumverate'. His name's Octus.

This is the Paradron medic. Yes, I chose her thumbnail very carefully.

The Primes! Sentinel Prime, Prime Nova and Prima. I've made them all a bit more 'Rodimus Prime' than they otherwise are.

Rook, Jhiaxus' right hand man! He's also got a page. Wow. Check it out here.

Scrounge. For this one I tried to extensively redesign Scrounge, giving him alt-mode features and a more detailed and traditional TF face.

This is another Scrounge picture. It's drawn in the style of Geoff Senior, based on the first splash page of 'Matrix Quest' part one, with Perceptor in the place of Nightbeat.

Spanner. He's a bridge. Need I say more? Nah, not really when he's got his own page here.

Straxus is the site mascot. If you don't know who he is by now, shame on you.

Tornado is a crazy mofo (and I don't even use the term 'mofo'!) who died fighting Earthquake.