Mindset goes into action.


US Transformers: Generation 2 

#9 (Swarm)




"How can they believe these puddles of organic matter are life at all? To consider them capable of even the most basic creative thought... is quite laughable!"




Missile launcher vehicle.




Mindset was a powerful, ruthless, highly ranked Cybertronian sub-commander. Now, however, he's dead.


Mindset was used for two basic purposes. On the one hand he was a plot device, used to introduce a subplot which was never fully explored (but which was really very interesting). On the other hand he was used to give emphasis to the power and the menace of the steadily approaching "Swarm".


Almost incidentally to these main reasons for existence, Mindset was also used to characterise the Cybertronians further. His callous disregard for life in all forms other than Transformer life (he doesn't even CONSIDER it a form of life) characterises the Cybertronian 'mind set' if you will. His thoughts give us a glimpse in the minds of the Cybertronian Decepticons, which is perhaps more useful and valuable than his other literary purposes. He's really a very interesting character all around.


Incidentally, Mindset is actually not too badly designed for an obscure character. This is surprising considering he was drawn by Manny Galan... probably the all-time worst Transformers artist. At least in my not-so-biased opinion.


Mindset vs the Swarm!!


We were first introduced to Mindset when he was in the middle of a mission. His master, commander Jhiaxus, had ordered a mass-campaign of genocide to be waged against all non-Transformer life in the known universe. The purpose of this campaign? To draw Optimus Prime into conflict (and NOTHING else). Mindset and his men were just finishing up the annihilation of the peoples of the planet Karn when he came into the Gen2 comics.


For the moment Mindset was content to ponder the nature of his orders. He simply could NOT believe that the plight of a bunch of carbon-based, fleshy creatures could evoke an emotional response in ANYONE... let alone draw the Autobots from hiding! However, being he good soldier that he is, he didn't question his orders openly. Instead he just did as he was told to the best of his ability.


Speaking of the best of his ability, it seems that Mindset's troops had great faith in his ability to get a job done. One warrior described him: "He never does ANYTHING by halves!"


However, something went TERRIBLY wrong. He lost contact with the perimeter watch on the north-west approach. Then things fell apart. His warriors tried to investigate the problem and found the Swarm.


The Cybertronians, under Mindset's direction, attempted to combat the Swarm. It didn't work out. They were annihilated, each and every one of them. The last to be killed was Mindset himself. He fought as hard as he could, even calling to the great "Xal" to protect him. Even in his alt mode he couldn't harm the swarm and eventually he was consumed.


Mindset's death wasn't the end of his saga. His death fed the Swarm, giving it a fleeting sense of purpose. Giving it the desire to find more Transformers and to consume and destroy them as well.


Across the void of space, billions of light years away, his death was also felt by two Transformers. Optimus Prime was made aware of his death through his severed but still vaguely aware connection to the Creation Matrix. Another was also made aware, though he didn't know it. The pain of Mindset's death was felt by Onslaught! This suggested some sort of deeper link between Cybertronians and the original generation Transformers. However this link was never explored fully, as the comic-book was discontinued.



Tech Specs/TFU:  

None, however I strongly suspect his stats would be incredibly similar to those of Onslaught. The two seem to be corresponding Transformers, and I think they'd be fairly close in Stats (and powers), perhaps even in tactical skill.




Mindset has DEFINITE alt mode features in robot mode and I think he would actually have made a GOOD toy!! Sure, some changes to his face would be needed so he didn't look like a gimp, but all up he'd make a really good action figure. Being a late Generation 2 toy he'd also probably have really good poseability. His missile-launcher is a HUGE component so the missiles would probably fire REALLY far, and perhaps could have electronic sounds (or lights) to go with them... who knows?


Obviously this is where I have to bite my tongue and give kudos to Manny Galan. Mindset is really well designed. A plausible alt-mode/robot-mode division, a neat set of weapons. The only problem is that his face sucks chips. Damn, it hurts to say nice things about Manny Galan's art. Sigh.


Mindset transforms to his vehicular mode.


Over All:  

VERY cool!!! Mindset is WITHOUT a doubt one of THE best hi-then-die characters in existence! His only downfall is that he isn't drawn by a decent artist. Even ONE picture of him by Andy Wildman, Derek Yaniger or Geoff Senior would be better than ALL the Galan pictures combined!! 


Oh well, Galan still did a pretty good job, considering. (Chokes.)





US Generation 2 Issue #9