"They're indestructible!"  "And they're everywhere!"Junky, Junkion-goodness, straight from planet Junk.Episode Season: 

No season... it was THE MOVIE.



I'm not sure I really NEED to do a synopsis for the movie, do I?

Okay, I will do one; with Generic Transformer bias.

The movie opens with a whole bunch of fighting between Autobots and Decepticons, during which Megatron and Optimus are both mortally wounded. Optimus passes the Autobot Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus and Megatron is remade by the incredibly powerful being known as Unicron.


Unicron sends Galvatron after the Matrix, and Galvy eventually drives Magnus and his crew off Earth and they all end up on the planet Junk. On Junk Magnus is killed and loses the Matrix. But he's revived by these guys called 'Junkions' and all the Autobots, and the Junkions, head to Cybertron.


Galvatron goes to Unicron and tries to kill him with the Matrix. It doesn't work and Unicron attacks Cybertron. On Cybertron he rouses hundreds of generic Decepticons to battle. He also spends his time getting killed when Hot Rod ends up inside him and steals the Matrix from Galvatron. The Matrix makes short work of Unicron, which makes you wonder why Optimus didn't use it to just kill Megatron and his Decepticons eons ago.


And so ends the movie. Yeah, that's about it, I think.




I love the movie. It's not a great movie, not by a long shot. But I love it. 


I call him COARD; Cute One-Appearance Running Decepticon.Unlike some fans, though, I feel no need to write massive essays to explain or defend my love of the movie. I loved it as a kid, and I love it now. Simple as that.


There are only four really important sections of the movie where Generic Transformers make appearances. 

One, the Unicron battle on Cybertron, where hosts of Decepticons head out to fight Unicron.

Two, the Junkion planet section, where we see hosts of generic Junkions. 

Three, is the coronation sequence, in which we see a bunch of statues of (presumably) great Decepticons.

Four, is where Daniel stumbles upon the acid-tank; we watch a fair few generics fall to their doom there. These were clearly other Transformers eaten when the moons were consumed. (After all, does it make any sense that Bumblebee, Jazz, Spike and Cliffjumper were the only Autobots left on the moonbases at ALL? Not a chance.)


Before I go into the gallery, I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to Monzo. The images for Transformers: The Movie are incredible. You will LOVE them. The detail is just insane. They're taken from the DVDs.



There's just so many pictures from the movie that you're going to have to go to one of the following pages to view them. As a bonus I've written up a lot of observations about each image.


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