Mister 'spikes' himself.




UK Transformers

#82 (Target: 2006, part 4 'Wreck and Rule')




"Sir! Call me SIR!"








Fang doesn't really LOOK like a Transformer.  You really wouldn't know he was one if you didn't see him in the Transformers comic. I mean, what does he CHANGE into?


That aside, Fang was used as a simple dramatic tool. Or more accurately, as a plot device to help the Wreckers realise that they can't just pick and choose their fights, that Autobots have to fight every fight that comes their way, until the Decepticons are stopped. He fills this role perfectly well.


All in all, he's fairly standard 'hi-then-die' fare.




Fang was a bully who frequented a bar (Maccadam's old oil house) in a neutral zone of Cybertron. The bar's main attraction (besides its fuel) was that it served any customers, be they Autobot, Decepticon or Neutral. They made no distinctions between the factions. Fang, however, was one of those patrons who made such distinctions. He was and Decepticon and ACTED like one.


Fang front on, towering, and spikey.


Fang was a huge Decepticon and very much a bully. When we first met him he had just entered the bar and decided that he didn't like the music the 'pianist' was playing. In typical Decepticon fashion he didn't just ask for the song to be changed: He decided to beat the ever-lovin' crap out of the pianist.


It was clear by the way the pianist reacted to Fang's attack that he'd been terrorised by him in the past. Unfortunately for Fang, this time there were members of the Wreckers  (the Autobot's elite fighting force) in the bar.


The Wreckers  first questioned the intelligence of getting involved in what wasn't 'their fight'. However, Twin Twist soon realised they had a duty as Autobots to get involved. More importantly he realised that he had a duty as a Wrecker to kick aft.


Fang had just finished beating up the pianist and looked around the bar, saying, "Any more for any more?" That's when Twin Twist responded, attacking and destroying Fang in one punch.


Of Fang, no more was ever heard.


Yeesh. He's even more spikey from behind!


Tech Specs/TFU:  

None. Fang fell apart pretty fast and I don't think he even rated a mention anywhere ever again, let alone a TFU description. As for tech specs? He wasn't a toy, but I suspect his stats would have been fairly ordinary, had he BEEN a toy. He really fell apart fast: all it took was one punch to kill him!

A face even a mother could despise.

Then again, it was a one-punch thing designed to show off how powerful Twin Twist was; so maybe Fang was tough.




He never had one and THANK GOD. He looked like crap. That's all there is to say about it. HE LOOKED LIKE CRAP :) 


Fang was a pathetic looking character. He didn't look anything like a Transformer. He had no alt mode features, he had an ugly face, and the spikes all over his body made him look like a giant goof. I don't think he'd even make a very good model kit.



Over All:  

I don't really like Fang. He served his purpose, but not to a high standard. His name sucked, his physical appearance sucked... what more need I say?


Of more interest than Fang is the guy he's seen beating up on. He Transforms into a PIANO (or a similar device). This is rather interesting because this is one of the first and only Transformers we ever see with a really DOMESTIC sort of a Transformation. This, and things like the Autoscout and Spanner's being built into the Space Bridge are all good examples of how the TF's ability to change forms was completely a part of their everyday life. This, I think, is rather important information to carry around with us, as Transformers fans.




When a Wrecker kills you, they kill you DEAD.