As a sci-fi series, Transformers was filled with baffling alien technology. What I've tried to do here is give a complete listing of all of that incredible technology!  Naturally, I've failed terribly, but that doesn't matter. This a fairly complete listing of all the tech stuff in the few episodes of the cartoon which I own.


If a piece of technology appeared in both the TV show and the Comic/Toy Line it won't appear here (so no special Transformer powers, or energon cubes).


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Absolute Zero Degree Molecules (Triple Takeover) Molecules, manifested in the form of a gas, which are very, very cold (Absolute Zero, -273 degrees centigrade, 0 degrees kelvin, to be exact). The Triple-changers tricked Starscream into leading Megatron into a chamber filled with Absolute Zero Degree molecules, trapping them both.



Alligatorcon -- partly metal, partly Prime (City of Steel) When the Decepticons converted New York into a Cybertron-like city they also captured Optimus Prime. Part of him was converted into an attack drone, in the form of a robot alligator.


The deadly Alligatorcon stalks its prey.  "This alligator is big and heavy."



Anti-Transfixation Grenade (The Autobot Run) This grenade was built to counter the effects of the Transfixatron, one of Megatron's funniest evil-scheme devices. Basically it was a grenade the exploded in a ball of light that gave the Autobots back their ability to Transform. Yay.


The grenade is probably more notable because it inspired one of the most significant moments in Transformers history. It was while catching the anti-transfixation grenade that Chip Chase stood up!



Attitude Exchanger (Attack of the Autobots) A device designed to reverse the affects of the Decepticons' personality destabiliser. It channelled the evil energy out and pumped good energy in. Strange, I didn't know energy could be good or evil.



Autoscout -- drone cassette (A Prime Problem) Autoscout is an automated drone scout used by Soundwave in this episode to scout unknown energy readings. It discovers a deposit of unstable crystals (Korlonium or Corlonium or something, they were called) and is consequently blown up by them.


The Autoscout is a surprisingly interesting design, with a relatively convincing Transformation. If Takara really loved the fans they'd build one for a Reissue of Soundwave. But they don't love the fans, so they won't. Pikers.





Battle Computer (Roll for it!) According to this episode, each Transformer has a 'battle computer' which regulates all battle functions. When Prowl's was damaged he went on-line (remember, this cartoon was made in the 80s, back before anyone actually knew what the Internet WAS), to connect to another computer, so that it could take over his battle functions. Chip Chase took over, and managed to fight better than a Transformer who has several million years worth of Battle Experience behind him could. Strange that.



Battle Taxis -- killer taxis (City of Steel) Taxis converted into attack drones, by the Constructicons. They proved to be rather easy to destroy. Naturally, because it was New York, they were yellow Taxis.


This sort of crazy weaponry is why Megatron should be in the super villain hall of fame. Dr. Doom (god bless 'im) never thought of using killer Taxis to stop the Fantastic Four. All he ever did was send their Headquarters the Baxter Building into space. Hmmm, maybe that's not so much better.


The Battle Taxi's weapons deploy!  Beware the yellow cab!





Camouflage Paint (Masquerade) Special paint which can change the outside appearance of a Transformer. Several Autobots, including Optimus Prime, used this paint to disguise themselves as the Stunticons. The paint seems to disguise both the Robot and vehicle modes of the affected Transformer. One can theorise that the camouflage paint was actually a cloud of nano-technology robots that coalesced around the Autobots to form a surface replication of the Stunticons (or whoever you're pretending to be). If the paint is actually tiny robots it might explain why Soundwave didn't see through the disguise: the tiny layer of robots could be producing signals replicating the life-signs and neural-patterns of the Stunticons.



Corrostop (Cosmic Rust) A powerful anti-corrosive agent invented by Perceptor to protect earth's famous monuments. It's main ingredient, Element-X was incredibly rare. The Corrostop also proved to be the only cure for the deadly Cosmic Rust.



Cybernet Space Cube (Generation2) The dreaded 'Cube'. It appears to be a Cybertronian Storytelling, or history-recapping device, used to retell stories of the past. It's easy to theorise that this device was created and used by the Maximals and Predacons to retell stories of the Great War. More likely the Predacons, though, because the Maximals seem reluctant to tell people about the Great War... I wonder if it annoys the Maximals and Predacons who were watching it as much as it annoys us fleshlings...



Cybertonium (Desertion of the Dinobots) A crystal substance intrinsic to the mechanical functions of all Transformers built on Cybertron. It's interesting to note that a LOT of pre-Beast Wars stories employ crystals extensively as plot devices. This makes the transition from the original to Beast Wars that much more smooth.





Dominator Disk -- controls Constructicons(The Core) In a strangely Decepticon-like scheme, the Autobots decide to try and take over the Constructicons, making them their slaves. They place on each Constructicon tiny disks, called 'dominator disks' which will activate when the Constructicons merge, making Devastator an Autobot slave.


At first the plan worked, until Megatron revealed that he had his own controller, which could override the Autobots' version. The two conflicting signals sent Devastator insane, until the Autobots and Decepticons combined their controllers and brought him back under their join command. Then he disassembled and returned to the Decepticons at last. Yay!





Electro-Mesh Prison -- traps Nightbirds (Enter the Nightbird) A kind of energy prison which can be produced by the Transformers. The Autobots used one to capture Nightbird, though temporarily (she was saved by the Decepticons, she didn't escape under her own power).



Electro Sanitisers (Microbots) Sort of like white-blood cells for Transformers. They roam a TF's body, destroying any impurities inside them.



Energy Absorbers (Starscream's Brigade) A piece of technology intrinsic to Transformer life span. Each Transformer contains energy absorbers that allow a Transformer to absorb energy. Without them, a Transformer can't re-power, and therefore can't function for very long. Starscream did not outfit his new Combaticons with Energy Absorbers, as leverage to control the renegade Decepticons.



Energy Conductors -- Wheeljack: "Megatron, my enemy. With these Energy Conductors you shall become, my slave!"(More Than Meets the Eye, pt1) Energy holders that look like yellow fluorescent light tubes. Wheeljack and Bumblebee were on a mission to get energy for the Autobots and these were all that they could find. Oh well.


Wheeljack! The first Autobot to appear on screen in the Transformers cartoon!  Everyone loves Wheeljack!



Energy Magnet (Kremzeek!) A powerful Decepticon invention. It was designed to drain energy from all over the world, and may have had a global range, perhaps being able to drain the entire planet at once, however it was never quite used on that scale.


All drained energy was stored in massive underwater batteries in the Decepticon main base. The Autobots destroyed the Energy Magnet by making it absorb the cute little monster known as Kremzeek!



Exchange Furnace (Heavy Metal War) The Exchange furnace was the first major invention of the Constructicons. It allowed Megatron to absorb all of the other Decepticons' powers through their power chip rectifiers. I must note that it's uncertain whether the entire power-exchanging device was called the exchange furnace, or whether just the place where the Power chip rectifiers were put in was called an exchange furnace. I like to think the entire thing was called the Exchange Furnace. It makes me feel better to know the device's name.





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Heart of Cybertron (Microbots) A powerful 'Energy Maximiser' (crystalline in form) which Megatron had installed in his body to increase his power a thousand fold, as well as giving him enormous new powers. The Heart of Cybertron was used to power the Decepticons' original Space Cruiser on its flight from Cybertron to Earth. The tiny energy maximiser was discovered by a couple of archaeologists when they accidentally stumbled on the Star Drive of the Decepticons' Space Cruiser during a dig.




Wheeljack's Instant Immobiliser(The Immobiliser) The immobiliser was an invention of Wheeljack's. Basically it was  a strange kind of free-standing ray-blaster which froze anything it hit. This worked on water, Transformers, dirt, anything. However the effect was sadly temporary. (Beeker: "Sadly Temporary.")


Obviously, the Decepticons stole this super weapon and used it against the Autobots who created it. Fortunately Carly reversed the ray and the Autobots were able to destroy it. This begs the question... why build it in the first damn place?

Driedel driedel driedel...



Invisibility Spray -- a spray of invisibility (Attack of the Autobots) A simple spray which more-or-less renders a being invisible (if you count a transparent line drawing as invisible, that is... oh no, I can't see them! They're transparent! Boy they'd have trouble seeing all the translucent plastic Beast Wars toys...). Megatron used the spray to help him infiltrate the Autobot base and infect their energy supply with his Personality Destabiliser.


The strange thing about this invisibility is, as I've said, it's depicted as reducing Starscream and Megatron to line work. Now this isn't that unusual for cartoons or comics, where invisibility is typically depicted by transparent line work (as it was here) or by dotted lines. What's unusual is that this is NOT consistent with the way invisibility was depicted everywhere else in the Transformers cartoon. Mirage (who can turn invisible in the cartoon) is depicted as completely disappearing, leaving no visual trace. In other words, he becomes INVISIBLE. I wonder why they didn't do it for the invisibility spray.









The Key to Vector Sigma -- the key in its wall holder (The Key to Vector Sigma, pts 1 + 2) The Key to Vector Sigma was a strange little key used to activate the super computer known as Vector Sigma. This key was once looked after by that crazy old beardo, Alpha Trion. Sadly, he proved to be a pretty pathetic keeper. (IE: the moment someone kicked the crap out of him, he gave the key up. Hmmm, then again, I think I would have done the same...) 


When the Decepticons took the key from Alpha Trion (after imbedding his sorry carcass into a wall), it served them three times. First of all it acted as a token to allow the Decepticons to get past the guardians of Vector Sigma (Centurion Droids). Secondly it activated Vector Sigma, allowing the Decepticons to give live to five new warriors: The Stunticons. Finally, when they got back to Earth, it turned out that the key could turn anything into metal, just by pressing the button on the key and pointing. Useful.


The key was finally destroyed by Silverbolt, who blasted the silly little thing.


"And the next item in the gift shop is the Key to Vector Sigma! As modelled by the lovely Megatron."



Kremzeek (Kremzeek!) A little creature made of pure electricity. He was created by Megatron to keep the Autobots busy, and distract them from his Energy Magnet plot. When fed by Blaster's own energy supply the creature split into hundreds of separate Kremzeek (of all different colours). Later, when the many Kremzeek were re-combined it became a single giant unit, hundreds of times the size of the individuals. Ouch.






Lightning Bug (Cosmic Rust) A large heat-ray shaped like a lightning bug. Megatron discovered this weapon on the planet of Atilla, an Autobot colony. The heat ray produced enormous energy. That energy fed the Transformer disease "cosmic rust", helping it to spread much faster. When the Decepticons were cured, Megatron attempted to use the lightning bug to help accelerate the infection of the Autobots by the cosmic rust. The bug was finally destroyed by Superion when the Decepticons tried to use it to destroy the Statue of Liberty.




Matter Duplicator (Cosmic Rust) A malfunctioning invention of Wheeljack which was, in theory, meant to duplicate matter. It didn't work until Perceptor gave it a sharp kick.



Medicroids (Countdown to Extinction) Medical droids on Cybertron. The droids were used by Starscream to 'repair' Dr. Arkeville. Unfortunately, Arkeville is a human and not a robot, so they did a bad job: he ended up a mechanical parody of himself, not even able to walk.



Memory Components -- brain enhancers (S.O.S. Dinobots) Electronic memory/intellect enhancers. Wheeljack used them to enhance the original three Dinobots' intellects, because they were just too stupid to function as Transformers. The enhanced Dinobots were still woefully inadequate in the brains department, but at least could tell friend from foe. The later Dinobots were obviously built with a more realistic level of intelligence, and didn't need these Memory Components to enhance their brainpower.


Slag looks pretty happy for someone... WITH THE TOP OF HIS HEAD OPEN!  Wheeljack stuffs the new brain-bit in Slag's head.



Molecular Cannon (Fight or Flee) A massive weapon used by the Decepticons on the planet Paradron. The Predacon Headstrong used the weapon to destroy a decoy Autobot ship. It seemed like a VERY powerful gun. I want one!





Negavator -- insane super weapon (Auto Berserk) The Negavator was a large tank-like weapon developed by the Autobots. It was capable of disintegrating ANYTHING in a single blast. A VERY dangerous little weapon. When the Decepticons tried to steal it, Red Alert was injured in the process and went insane. He joined forces with Starscream to try and steal the Negavator. Though they succeeded, the Decepticons arrived and tried to steal it off them. Red Alert, cured by a blast from Starscream's Null ray, set the Negavator to self-destruct, destroying it forever. Bummer! I wanted one of those, too!



New Cybertron (City of Steel) When Megatron rebuilt New York into a replica of a Cybertronian city he named it "New Cybertron". As you do.



New Cybertron  New Cybertron  New Cybertron  New Cybertron  New Cybertron











Pearl of Bahoudin (Trans-Europe Express) The Pearl of Bahoudin was the core of a powerful weather-controlling device. The device was accidentally lost and crash-landed on earth. The bulk of the device was burnt up in orbit and left only the pearl itself. The pearl was dug up in the 14th Century in Persia. It went crazy when exposed to the atmosphere, causing massive storms and uncontrolled weather. A Persian seer managed to bring the device under control by surrounding it in a solid gold protective shell, then burying it. In the 80s the Decepticons dug up the Pearl, intending to use it for their own gain. However, the Autobots took the Pearl, and accidentally let it get out of control. Finally Bumblebee had to go up into the funnel of a tornado and blast the Pearl, destroying it.



Personality Components (Starscream's Brigade) When a Decepticon renegade is taken prisoner by his fellow Decepticons his personality components (obviously, his brain, or mind) are removed, and his body destroyed. These are then stored in the Decepticon detention centre. Obviously, this saves on guards, storage space, and parole sentencing. Starscream stole 5 of these components (and destroyed the rest) to build into the Combaticons and make an army for himself.


The components look pretty much exactly like mini energon cubes. When placed in the husks of five earth vehicles, the components reshaped the vehicles, giving the Combaticons new bodies. This was obviously done to save on animation, and was rather disappointing. It would have been much more interesting (and realistic) to see Starscream rebuild the vehicles by hand to make new bodies for the Constructicons. After all, Megatron had to rebuild the cars he captured to make the Stunticons. Ah well.


There is an interesting correlation here, though, between the nano-tech technology used in Beast Wars on protoforms, and the way these guys sorta 'squeltched' into their new bodies.


They look a heck of a lot like energon cubes.  Starscream installs Brawl's personality component.  Starscream installs Swindle's personality component.  Starscream installs Blast off's personality component.  Starscream installs Vortex's personality component.  Starscream installs Onslaught's personality component.



Personality Destabiliser -- good energy out, evil energy in (Attack of the Autobots) A device placed in the Autobots' Recharging Chambers by Megatron to contaminate their energy. It turned the good Autobots into evil monsters. How terrible of them! The Destabiliser also reprogrammed the Autobots, making them obey the Decepticons and instilling in them a basic mission programming. That IS evil energy.


Starscream had the personality destabiliser inside himself. That might explain a lot.



Power Chip Rectifier (Heavy Metal War) The Power Chip Rectifier is the controlling chip which provides a Transformer with his special powers. Megatron used the Decepticons' power chip rectifiers to take all their powers and use them in battle against Optimus Prime. The Power Chip seems to only control the unique powers of each Transformer, and not intrinsic powers such as flying, walking and Transforming. Special, external, weapons also seem to be governed by the chip; Megatron could use Starscream's Null Ray and Cluster Bombs, even though he was clearly wearing his Null Ray's on his arms at the time.











Recharging Chambers -- chambers for the revitalisation of Autobots (Attack of the Autobots) These chambers, which look a lot like Stasis Pods (from Beast Wars) or those Cryogenics chambers from the Alien movies, are where the Autobots are recharged and re-powered. That's right, Autobots get re-energised in beds. So doting Autobot grannies can say, "You look a bit tired, dear, why don't you have a little lie down?" Just like human ones!


They're obviously a more efficient way of transferring energy, possibly with less waste, than the standard energon cubes (otherwise, why would they even have them?). They also seem to do minor repairs on Autobots, or have some access to their neural circuitry (otherwise how could Megatron's Personality Destabiliser affect the Autobots?). They could be seen as a kind of precursor to the Beast Wars' R-chambers.


Recharging chambers, under the floor.  Recharging chambers partially deployed  Recharging chambers fully deployed  Recharging chambers at work  A nice pretty side view! Yay!




Sentry Monitor (Countdown to Extinction) The Sentry Monitor, when activated, electrocutes anyone trying to use Decepticon computers who doesn't happen to be a Decepticon. It almost killed Dr. Arkeville. In other words, the Sentry monitor is a security device for Decepticon computers.



Shock Blast Cannon -- failed weapon prototype (Heavy Metal War) When Megatron came unarmed to challenge Optimus Prime to single combat the Autobots reacted as any peace-loving pacifist race would. They attacked. Ironhide attacked by shooting out of his hands, Gobot style. But it was Wheeljack whose attack was the most interesting. He broke out a massive cannon he called the 'Shock Black Cannon'. Then he proceeded to shoot at Megatron. Unfortunately, the cannon simply exploded, knocking Wheeljack down onto his aft. Poor Wheeljack.





Sky Spy -- spies with its little eye (Various Episodes) Teletraan 1's spy satellite. Sky Spy was used countless times to monitor Decepticon activity or to collect information. Its capabilities were mostly visual, though it seemed to be able to pick up audio or other sensor information when needed.


The Sky Spy was sent out by Teletraan 1 for the first time in the cartoons to collect information on Alt Modes for the Transformers when the Ark first reactivated in 1984.


Sky Spy was disabled or damaged many times and had to be rebuilt or repaired. While it seems there was only ever one Sky Spy used at a time, many were destroyed completely (such as in 'Fire on the Mountain' when Megatron blasted Sky Spy to pieces with his new cannon toy) so there can't have been just one for the whole series.




Teletraan 1 -- the Autobots' computer (Various Episodes) The Autobots' computer. Not really obscure, as EVERYONE knows what Teletraan 1 is. The computer was incredibly powerful, and capable of analysing almost anything. Interestingly enough it was user-friendly enough that Chip Chase, a human quickly became an expert at the operation of Teletraan 1.


It also sometimes displayed signs of sentience, or semi-sentience; for example when it defies Megatron in Attack of the Autobots, insisting that Megatron can't win because the Autobots are good, not evil. 


Teletraan 1 was destroyed and rebuilt countless times. The funny thing is, though, that most of the time Teletraan is destroyed by the good guys. In Attack of the Autobots it's an evil Optimus Prime who destroys Teletraan. In SOS Dinobots it's the Dinobots who destroy Teletraan. In Megatron's Master Plan it's Chip Chase who destroys the computer!


Teletraan was finally destroyed for good when Trypticon decimated the Ark in Five Faces of Darkness.



Transfixatron -- transfixes Transformers (The Autobot Run) The Transfixatron was one of Megatron's silliest 'evil scheme weapons'. Basically, the Transfixatron stopped you from being able to Transform. This was a really bad thing for the Autobots, who all Transformed into pathetic cars. Of course it would have been pretty useless against the Dinobots, who were pretty indestructible in both modes. Fortunately, the Dinobots were conveniently forgotten for this episode. (As was Jetfire, who'd still be dangerous stuck in jet mode.)


While the Autobots (except for a select group of engineers, scientists and medics... and Brawn of course) were hanging out at a racing event, Skywarp used the Transfixatron on them, trapping them in vehicle mode. The Decepticons were then going to kill the Autobots, but the select group of engineers, scientists and medics managed to create a device to counter the Transfixation. Who woulda thunk it?


The Transfixatron was used by the Autobots to disassemble Devastator (funny that it disassembled him, rather than leaving him stuck as Devvy, like it should have), before destroying it.


A similar device to the Transfixatron was used by the Predacons in the episode 'The Probe'. However they used it in an intelligent way; they trapped ALL the Maximals in Beast Mode, and didn't leave all the scientists off alone to create a cure.


A full body shot of the transfixatron.



Transforming Cog (Various Episodes) A large cog, or crystalline device (depending on the animator, it seems) which controls the Transforming sequence of the massive Transformers Metroplex and Trypticon. The Transforming Cogs were only semi-interchangeable between the two. When they were swapped around, neither Transformer could control their Transformations correctly. It seems to be an entirely silly piece of techno-jargoned junk. But that's Season Three for you.



Transmat Reduction Beam (Microbots) A shrinking/enlarging ray used by Perceptor to enlarge Microchips so he could work on them more accurately. He also used the ray to shrink himself, Brawn and Bumblebee so they could get inside Megatron and remove the Heart of Cybertron from him. The ray seemed to last only about two hours before the objects returned to their original size.




Trilithium (The Insecticon Syndrome) The substance the Insecticons' stomachs were made of.



Tunnel Drone -- unstoppable, killer tenticle-thing(Auto Berserk) The tunnel drone was a killer droid guarding the back passage to the the bunker where the Autobots were holding their super weapon, the Negavator. Red Alert was actually more afraid of it than he was of the Negavator's power.


One wonders why the Autobots didn't just build a bunch of Tunnel Drones if they were so darn powerful.











Vector Sigma -- progenitor (Various Episodes) Vector Sigma was a big, orange-like ball of a super-computer which gave life to all Transformers. Sure, it looked like a large piece of fruit, or perhaps even a yellow disco ball, but it also had a deep voice and weird, psuedo-mystical powers.


Vector Sigma was found at the centre of Cybertron (along with about half the other big-plot-devices in the second and third seasons of Transformers). Sigma (we'll call him 'Sigma' for short) had, according to several people, been responsible for giving the Transformers life. How this relates to the Quintesson origin, Primus only knows. (Or rather he doesn't, seeing as how he's not part of the cartoon origins... whee).


In 'Key to Vector Sigma', the Decepticons used said key to waken Vector Sigma (guess we won't be shortening his name after all) and get the super computer to give life to five new  Decepticons: the Stunticons. The Autobots then went to Vector Sigma and Alpha Trion bonded with the computer (dying in the process) to wake it up again. Vector Sigma then gave life to five new Autobots, the Aerialbots, so that they could fight the Stunticons.


Later on, Optimus Prime used the empty Matrix-husk to bond with Vector Sigma, and have a chat with Alpha Trion. Basically, Optimus realised that, without the power of the Matrix, he was a little bit dopey.


Vector Sigma also appeared in the Japanese series Headmasters, where he was blown up, along with the planet Cybertron. He appeared again in Beast Wars Neo, pulling strings behind the scenes. His latest appearance was in Beast Machines, where he was hiding behind an Oracle, as well as several appearances in the retro stuff put out by Dreamwave comics.




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