UK Transformers 

#240 (Out To Lunch)


Maccadams' bar appears in:

UK Transformers

#82 (Target: 2006, part 4: Wreck and Rule)

#240 (Out To Lunch)


A bartender appears in #82, but looks nothing like the definitely identified Maccadam in issue #240 It's possible this bartender is also Maccadam, and that when the Decepticons took over his bar they refitted him with a new (theoretically less powerful) body.




"Yeah? They won't get past Rocky on the door, that's for su..."




Unknown. We barely ever even got to see him, let alone see him Transform.




Maccadam is one of the most unusual Transformers of all, and well worth knowing about! He was a neutral Transformer whose job, believe it or not, was as a bartender! According to issue 82, "For those in the know, sub-level six, on Cybertron's lower east Quadrant, is better known as Maccadam's Old Oil House. - The biggest single source of black market fuel on Cybertron." It was neutral ground, where anyone, Autobot, Decepticon, or neither, could just drink in peace. A good place.


Maccadam himself was unnecessary to show in the first appearance of his oil house. There was a bartender, but I'd prefer to think that the character shown in issue #240 was the real Maccadam. You can see the Bartender in the image just below.


Incidentally, there has been some theorising on the origins of Maccadam's name. While it sounds very much a human name (so does 'Rocky', the name of his bouncer), it is more than likely a reference to a kind of road covering, mixed with tar to make tarmac. It's not used on roads much any more, mostly just on tennis courts.


"Of all the bars, in all the world..." err... sorry, I'll never do that again.




Before we take a look at Maccadam himself, let's take a look at his bar. (As pictured just above)


In its glory days, Maccadam's Old Oil House was, as stated above, a haven for Autobots, Decepticons and Neutralists alike. Shut up and drink was the policy, generally. A good place to escape the rigours of the war, if only for a little while.


Sometimes, of course, a fight might break out between Autobots and Decepticons (as happened when the Decepticon Fang tried to get rough with the piano player... or rather the piano itself. He was killed by Twin Twist). However, for the most part, it was a fairly good place. Neutral ground.


It was a great place to be, and a really big and well-organised bar. The guy at the bar probably wasn't even Maccadam, who was probably just sitting back, counting the money. Actually, the more I look at the picture of the bartender from issue 82, the more I think that it might actually be a she. A buxom serving wench! Check out the way 'her' apron follows the contours of her... errmm.. 'chest'.


Anyway, those day, back when the oil flowed freely, were the glory days. But they passed.


Maccadam's Old Oil House was neutral ground, something that the Decepticon leader Thunderwing didn't want. After he came to power neutral ground became Decepticon territory!


There are several big differences between the Maccadam's Oil House we see the first time, and the Maccadam's oil house we see later, under Decepticon rule. For one, it's MUCH smaller the second time. (This is probably actually due to a change in artist, but let's pretend it's not.) This suggests perhaps a change of address, or at least that the venue itself was 'remodelled'.


Probably Thunderwing sent a squad of Decepticons in who explained to Maccadam that if he wanted his shop to continue to be run, it would be done so on Decepticon terms. No doubt this was explained by crushing most of the establishment, then leaving the owner to rebuild, a little more modestly. Shortly after Thunderwing came to power, Maccadam had a visit by a couple of disgusting creatures called the Mechannibals. They attacked and ate his bouncer, then started eating his customers!


Luckily, the Autobot Quickswitch intervened and attacked the Mechannibals, giving most of the Decepticons time to escape. Whether Maccadam escaped too is uncertain, but it's most probable. The ensuing battle destroyed the Oil House, crumbling it on top of the Mechannibals and burying them alive.


After that we never see Maccadam or his Old Oil House again. It's possible he cut his losses and retired after that, or that he opened up another oil house somewhere else. Maybe he died in the battle against Unicron? Maybe he lived on and built a new oil house under Autobot rule? Who really knows?



Tech Specs/TFU:  

N/A. Just really NOTHING to say here about a bartender.



With no alt mode features, and in fact, a moustache, one wonders whether Maccadam would be worth making into a toy. He'd make an interesting model kit, or an interesting Action Master as a part of a playset. Imagine getting a Maccadam's Old Oil House playset for your Transformers? I think that'd be cool.


Maybe I'll try to make one out of Cardboard... hmmm. Might make a good diorama for one of those BotCon contests for anyone going...



Over All:  

Neutrals are always interesting because they give a glimpse of TF life that we might not see otherwise. Maccadam is at the opposite side of the scale to neutrals like Rotorbolt or Wheezel. He's successful. He's turned the war into something he can use for profit. As long as people want fuel and want a place to sit and rest, there can be guys like Maccadam.