"Sing us a song, you're a piano man. Sing us a song tonight..."

Issue Title: 

Target: 2006, part 4: Wreck and Rule



Ron Smith



The Wreckers decide to pull out of Operation: Volcano, because it looks like it's going to be suicide. However, Emirate Xaaron talks Impactor into joining the operation again, while the other Wreckers realise on their own that they can't shirk their duty.



This is one of my favourite UK issues, and it's part of my favourite UK story (Target: 2006). Not only is this a fun little romp in its own right, it's also a goldmine for followers of the Obscure. It's a story set on Cybertron, starring an Obscure team (The Wreckers), littered with Obscure Characters (Rack 'n' Ruin, Impactor, Emirate Xaaron, Fang, Maccadam), and to top it's filled to the brim with Generic TFs too! If you love this site (yeah, both of you that do...) I think you'd really enjoy this issue. My suggestion? Pick up the Titan Target:2006 TPB which reprints the whole saga, including issue 82.


Right, blatant plug aside, this issue contains a great little generic that you just have to check out. See the piano just there? That guy is a Transformer. He appears to be the entertainment at Maccadam's Old Oil House. The Piano-former is interesting to me because he represents a more domestic side of Transformers. He appears to be a neutral Transformer; meaning he's not an active participant in the Decepticon/Autobot war. The fact that he still Transforms, and into a Piano no less, shows that Transforming is more than just the tool of war it's sometimes cited as.


Transforming is built right into these guys! (Well, they are Transformers, after all...)


Other generics in this issue include a whole cast of background Transformers in Maccadam's Old Oil House. Take a close look at the pictures here. One of the most interesting things is the way these guys  drink their fuel. No one is putting their drinks up to their mouths and chugging. Instead the drinks have pipes or straws going to fuel intakes in the TF's chests! A nice little piece of TF art, in my opinion.


There is also a 'Traitor Autobot' featured in a flashback in this issue. This traitor first appeared in issue 78, and when I get the generics for that page there will be more information about him there. The basic explanation, however is this; an informant, who has information leaked to him by Roadbuster, goes to Shrapnel, who gladly takes the information, then kills the informant. 




The traitor, menaced by Shrapnel.  Maccadam's Old Oil House! This is a Star-Wars style bar, frequented by Transformers of all kinds. I've left the text on this image so you can read all about the bar for yourself. 


Piano-Former (Already on this page.)  Piano-Former plays his tune.  Piano-Former starts transforming into robot mode.  Piano-Former gets the crap kicked out of him by Fang.