Impactor, ready to join the ranks of the Roman legions.        Impactor, ready to join the ranks of the evil zombie legions.



UK Transformers

#78 - 80 (Target: 2006, Prologue and Parts 1 + 2)

#82 (Target: 2006, part 4: Wreck and Rule)

#83 (Target: 2006, part 5: The Devil You Know, Cybertron: The Middle Years)

#84 (Target: 2006, part 6: Trios)

#88 (Target: 2006, Epilogue)


As Zombie-Impactor

#166 + 167 (Legion of the Lost, parts 1 + 2)

#168 + 169 (Meltdown, parts 1 + 2)





The Wreckers' battle cry, as proclaimed by Impactor: "Wreck and Rule!"


Impactor's last words to Emirate Xaaron (before his zombie resurrection): "You always were a wily old buzzard."


And finally, as a Zombie: "I... am already dead. I have no place... among the living. Go... Xaaron. Spare... spare me no pity. Dying... comes easily to me!"



Walking through slop, like any good soldier would.Alt-Mode:  

Unknown for certain (as he never TF'd in the comics themselves). He definitely looks like he could become a tank (What with that massive cannon on his shoulder.) 




Impactor was used to introduce us to the Wreckers and acted as their leader for their first major appearance in the story 'Target:2006'. He also acted as the practical character in that story, thinking about the Autobot's (and more importantly the Wreckers') plight before sky-high concerns like the Matrix.

 Impactor was one tough hombre. If issue #82 of the UK comic is to be believed, he's perfectly capable of destroying large numbers of Decepticons in a few blows.  The way he killed Flame in one blow despite being almost totally zombiefied was pretty darn impressive too. I would estimate that Impactor is easily on par with Ultra Magnus... or at least close... in terms of pure destructive power. Not too bad really.

In his second major appearance he was to Springer what Optimus Prime was to Rodimus Prime in the episode of the TV show where OP is resurrected by the Quintessons. Springer was doubting himself, and Impactor reappeared at the height of that lack of doubt. Impactor's conviction (despite being half-dead) reassured Springer that he was the right man for the job as the leader of the Wreckers. How nice, huh?




Impactor was a warrior under the command of Emirate Xaaron. He was in command of an elite Autobot fighting force known as 'The Wreckers'. The Wreckers were comprised of the Jumpstarters, the Deluxe Vehicles, Rack 'n' Ruin, and Impactor himself. Later the Autobot triple changers also became a part of the team.


Impactor's first major mission (that we know of for sure) was the assassination of Warlord Trannis, leader of the Decepticons. Impactor and his Wreckers were charged with destroying Trannis by Emirate Xaaron. Little did Impactor or Xaaron know, the Decepticons themselves were planning just such treachery. When Trannis was offed, Lord Straxus simply stepped up in his place, and proved to be an even worse Tyrant than Trannis!

We first see  Impactor in modern times when he's preparing for a large-scale battle against the Decepticons. The Wreckers had baited a trap for nine of the Decepticon's most deadly fighters (Insecticons, Coneheads and Triple Changers). They were going to lure them into one of the old Cybertronian amphitheatres and kill them. This would signal a mass Autobot uprising. This mission was referred to as "Operation: Volcano".

However, for the plan to work, they needed the might of Ultra Magnus, to hold the Decepticon forces back while the Wreckers, and Emirate Xaaron (who was part of the Trap's bait) made good their escape.

Where was Ultra Magnus? Well to Impactor's chagrin, he decided to go to earth, to look for Optimus Prime and the Matrix (both of whom had disappeared). Furious because of the loss of Ultra Magnus, Impactor refused to let his Wreckers take part in the operation, fearing they would be slaughtered.


Impactor prepares for Operation: Volcano

Soon, though, Impactor was talked into rejoining the operation by that wily old buzzard (As Impactor called him), Emirate Xaaron. The other Wreckers also realised that they couldn't just abandon a fight (and not just because they like to fight), so Operation: Volcano was back on.

To reassure Impactor that he and his men wouldn't be slaughtered, Emirate Xaaron set up some replacements for Ultra Magnus, the Autobot Triple Changers. To demonstrate their power, Xaaron had them masquerade as Decepticons and attack Impactor. Despite some furious fighting on his part, Impactor was soon immobilised and defeated.


Though Impactor was annoyed at Xaaron's little demonstration, he was forced to concede that the triple-changers might be able to replace Magnus, if he didn't return. He also seemed to gain a great respect for the leader of the triple-changers, Springer. 

Everything was carefully set up. Facsimile Constructs of the various Autobot leaders from across Cybertron were placed in the trap point: a large arena. Xaaron himself then made a speech to these constructs, presenting himself as the chief bait for the Decepticons. The Wreckers, lead by Impactor, laid in wait, to ambush the Decepticons before they could get to Xaaron.

Impactor sees a vision of Xaaron in the 'Holy Rubix Cube'. Yes, StarscreamG1, that's just like the Divine Weld, you idiot.

The Decepticons arrived at the trap-point, only to leave before attacking when called back by Megatron! However, one Decepticon (named Macabre) stayed behind. He was hell-bent on killing Emirate Xaaron. He fired at Xaaron, but Impactor saw it coming.

Throwing himself in front of Xaaron, Impactor died to protect his leader.

Incidentally, the Decepticon who killed Impactor was killed himself a few moments later, by a pack of enraged Wreckers. You don't piss of the Wreckers. (Unless you're Galvatron. But that's another story entirely...)

With his dying words, Impactor named Springer as his successor, and had a go at poor Xaaron. Now that's pluck.

Impactor later reappeared, but not in an easily recognised form. He was resurrected by the renegade Autobot scientist known as Flame. Flame used him as part of an army of zombie Autobots.

Zombie Impactor incapacitated the leader of the Wreckers, Springer, and brought him down. He was then left to guard the Wreckers and Emirate Xaaron.


A speech by Emirate Xaaron inspired Springer into action, but also sparked something in Impactor. His buried memories began to surface. As Springer used his leaping power to escape the Wreckers' cell, Impactor followed. The two fought in the air ducts, Springer pleading to Impactor to wake up.




Finally, Impactor did 'wake up'! His memories resurfaced, much to his horror, and he realised who he was and what was done to him. Springer told Impactor who'd done it to him, and Impactor stalked off, looking for revenge.


As the giant engines Flame were building neared explosion point, Impactor resurfaced and killed Flame with a single shot from his harpoon-arm. The former Wrecker leader then sacrificed himself to turn off the engines. His body was torn apart by the intense energy radiating from them, but he still managed to turn them off, preventing Cybertron from being blown to bits.


Zombie-Impactor sacrifices himself for the ever-lovin' greater good.


Tech Specs/TFU:  

Frankly, I think Impactor would have a lot of tens, had he had Tech Specs. Ultra Magnus might be a good character to compare to. Though we never see Impactor using any guns, I'm sure he'd have a high firepower (maybe an 8), he'd definitely have a 10 for courage, probably a 10 for skill too.


I'm unsure if he was giving a character profile in the UK comic, but I know he was never given a TFU description.




He definitely looks cool, and might have made an okay toy if they'd just make one of him. Since we know his alt mode is a drill tank, it's easy to speculate how he might have transformed. His head folds down, and his shoulder-canon moves over to become a tank-turret. Then his arms fold under his front, whatever weapons or hands are in his wrist sockets are removed and replaced by drills. After that his body, from about the stomach area down, folds backwards, forming the rear of the tank. Finally tank treads pop out of somewhere, probably his legs and forearms. At least that's the way I see it.


If you're a Wrecker (and Impactor is), you're bound to take one to the jaw, eventually.


Even better, in robot mode he has a VERY nice variety of weapons. He has a removable hand which can be replaced by a grappling hook (and various other tools and weapons), a big club which may have also been a gun barrel which fit into his modular wrist (thanks for that thought, LV), and a cool cannon on his shoulder (which he never actually used). 


An Impactor toy would be the best thing to happen to Transformers since... well... err... since I speculated about a Straxus toy.



Over All:  

Impactor is one of my favourites. I really like him, and (frankly) wish he hadn't been killed off so soon. At the same time I realise that his being killed off so soon might have been part of what made me like him so much. It's a catch 22.

Impactor really shines because he was one of those Autobots in the comics who was TOUGH. The fact was, so few of the Autobots in the comics were anything but cannon fodder. Omega Supreme, Optimus Prime, Fortress Maximus, Ultra Magnus, Blaster ... how many other Autobots were tough? And how many of THOSE were able to inspire FEAR in their foes?


Well, okay Optimus. And Fort Max, yeah, they ran from him. Oh, and Magnus. Octane was scared out of his WITS by Magnus and Optimus fighting side-by-side. Oh yeah, and Megatron ran like a little girl from Omega Supreme...

Well, no one was scared of BLASTER, at least.


(They should have been, though. They should have been.)


He's one bad dude. And I don't even USE the word 'dude'.




UK Issue #79

Image 1 (Already on this page.) Jeff Anderson art.

Image 2 (Already on this page.)

Image 3 Xaaron and Impactor tracking mud into Autobase.

Image 4 Another Xaaron and Impactor picture.


UK Issue #80

Image 1 An almost full-bodied shot of Impactor... sorta. Will Simpson art.

Image 2 A strangely angled shot of Impactor and Emirate Xaaron.


UK Issue #82

Image 1 Impactor's upper body.

Image 2 (Already on this page.)

Image 3 Xaaron and Impactor discuss Operation: Volcano.

Image 4 Another Xaaron and Impactor picture.

Image 5 Impactor on the verge of collapsing under the weight of Xaaron's manipulations.


Eat Geoff-Senior-Impactor, fanboy!UK Issue #83

Image 1 (Already on this page) Geoff Senior art.


UK Issue #84

Image 1 (Already on this page.) Geoff Senior art.

Image 2 Here we see Impactor with an inhibitor claw stuck to his back. The claw prevents him from Transforming and whupping the Autobot Triple Changers' butts.

Image 3 (Already on this page.)

Image 4 Impactor sitting on his rear.

Image 5 Impactor receives a comunicube from Springer.

Image 6 (Already on this page.) Impactor is surprised to see Xaaron in the comunicube given to him by Springer. At the time, Impactor thought Springer was a Decepticon.

Image 7 Realising he's been manipulated by Xaaron (AGAIN), and that Xaaron is right (AGAIN), Impactor smashes the comunicube.


UK Issue #88

Image 1 Impactor gets blown to scrap. Will Simpson art. Thanks to Monzo for this scan.


UK Issue #169

Image 1 (Already on this page.)

Image 2 Zombie Impactor from behind.

Image 3 (Already on this page.)

Image 4 I bet THIS is something Xaaron never wanted to see. Poor Zombie Impactor.