Devastator: "I think I just did a poo in my big green nappy."


Episode Season: 

Season 1



Megatron goes absolutely nuts with neat ideas in this episode. He challenges Optimus Prime to one-on-one combat, steals all the other Decepticons' powers, and he does probably the smartest thing he's ever done: he builds the Constructicons. Despite all this, he still manages to lose to the Autobots in the end of the episode, thanks to a hologram from hound, and his own stupidity. When Optimus Prime came after him, he forgot he had the powers of all the Decepticons combined, and let himself be beaten. Bad move, Megsy.


This episode also has the Dinobots, Teletraan 1 and Chip Chase in it.





Let's face it, the Constructicons are the best thing Megatron ever did. They are the only Decepticons who consistently are able to GET THINGS DONE. Their skills are perfect, their plans are generally ruined by fellow Decepticons, or outside influences, not themselves. Plus: they can do their job properly! So few Decepticons can do their job properly.


Even Laserbeak, who's pretty good at what he does, forgets that he's not actually a spy, and ends up doing Ravage's job for him. But that's because when Ravage tries to do his job, he always gets caught. At least in the cartoon.


He was the laughingest hologram giant there ever was. Ha. Ha. Ha.


That aside, this is my favourite episode of the cartoon. It has an incredible fight between Optimus and Megs, some nice animation, an excellent merge sequence, and the Dinobots fighting it out with the Constructicons. I love this episode. Of course, it does have one disadvantage: there are no ACTUAL generics in this episode.


Instead, there is a hologram of a giant Autobot, projected by hound. This 'generic Autobot' is the one seen on this page. Then again, almost all the generic Transformers in the TF cartoon come from holograms, computer read-outs, or television screens, the only difference is that in this case it's a hologram of a Transformer that's not real.


Well, not 'real' in story terms anyway, ALL Transformers are fiction. (Though I know that may come as a shock to some of you...)



He's always laffin'!  Already on this page.  The Hologram robot laughs at Devastator.  Already on this page.  Optimus and the gang watch Holo's progress.  

Hologram Robot's upper body.  Hologram Robot's midsection.  Hologram Robot's feet! A composite image showing Holo-robot in all his glory. Yay! Hologram robot being projected by Hound.  Bye, bye Hologram!