Crosscut in robot mode. His real colours are unknown.



US Transformers 

#18 (The Bridge to Nowhere)




None, unless you include the "Skraak" noise as he explodes.








Crosscut wasn't really much of a character. He was basically a plot device used to show that the Space Bridge didn't work. He had no dialogue, and he looked stupid. However, he had one thing many characters that just show up and die don't have. He had a name.


Crosscut is one of the best examples of the "Hi-then-die" character around. The "Hi-then-die" is a character who makes an appearance, then dies in that issue (or sometimes in the issue following). MOST obscure TF-comic characters are Hi-then-die characters. This is probably a corporately motivated trend. After all, there's no point in devoting time and energy to developing a character that isn't going to sell any toys. (And despite what SOME people seem to think, Transformers is ALL about the toys.)


Crosscut is also, strangely enough, the inspiration for this web site! The idea of the Obscure Transformers web site sprung up out of me suggesting that someone use Crosscut as the 'Transformer of the month' entry for their web site. (In fact, that web site can be found right here.) The idea began to evolve from there. I asked myself, "What would an 'obscure Transformer of the month' segment be like?" From that I slowly built up the full idea of a web site devoted to these characters.


For this reason, Crosscut means a little more to me than perhaps he should. Especially considering how little he actually did.




Crosscut was without a doubt one of the most unlucky characters ever to be introduced into the world of Transformers. His first appearance was on page three of issue 18 of the US comic. His LAST appearance was on page 3 of issue 18 of the US comic.


Crosscut was sent by Straxus to cross the Space bridge, to see if the bridge would actually work. It didn't. A Faulty fuel line caused a disruption in the teleportation arch and anything that tried to pass through it was blown to atoms. Crosscut gave his life demonstrating this. When he crossed the arch he materialised on earth for a second or two then blew up. A couple of humans, in a jeep, were on the Space Bridge at the time. They saw Crosscut blow up. Sadly this means that Crosscut's final moments may have included seeing a couple of fleshlings. In fact, they may have been the last things he saw. This alone is enough to make one pity Crosscut.


Crosscut's life wasn't given in vain. Even though it took another death (an unnamed character), Crosscut's sacrifice saw the Space Bridge repaired. Also, because of Crosscut's death, Blaster was able to discover the information about the faulty fuel line which had made the bridge unstable in the first place. Later, when fighting Straxus, he used this information to kill the Decepticon leader. So, indirectly, Crosscut's death was avenged by the destruction of Straxus himself.


Boom! Crosscut's death on the Space Bridge!!

Tech Specs/TFU:  

Crosscut wasn't given a TFU, nor Tech Specs. I suspect, if he was given tech specs, that almost every on of his stats would have been rather low. He might have had a high firepower, as his hands were both guns. I doubt he did much heavy lifting, though.




Crosscut never had a toy and... well... thank god. A Crosscut toy would have SERIOUSLY sucked. Not only would his only power be dying, but he also has no hands! More importantly, there's no sign of Transformation features on Crosscut. He wouldn't have an alt mode! Unless it was something like a pile of rubble or something. Crosscut's only advantage would be that he has three guns in robot mode. Perhaps one would have been a missile launcher with a strong spring. That wouldn't make up for a weak Transformation into a vague vehicular shape, though (Or possibly an insect-like shape, he does look vaguely like an Insecticon).


Of course, he was never a toy, so it doesn't really matter.


Crosscut also has a Decepticon insignia, something which is sometimes overlooked on the obscure and generic Transformer hordes.



Over All:  

Crosscut was far too much of a "Hi-then-die" character to judge exactly what he was like. He LOOKED totally unimpressive. He's not a character you'd take seriously on visual impressions. Does he have ANY advantages? Not really... I mean the guy didn't even get a colour scheme! (He was shown, as the pictures demonstrate, all yellow from an energy glow, and in silhouette exploding.)


However, to me, Crosscut has some sort of significance. He's the first Obscure Transformer I ever identified. I used him to confuse some of the less knowing fans ('ever heard of Crosscut?'  I would say). I just LIKE something about him. That's totally personal, though... and I don't want you to get all caught up in my deeply psychological and twisted 'feelings'.


No, really... really I don't.


Crosscut makes his journey through the space bridge.