Rook salutes his master, Jhiaxus.Appearances:  

US Transformers: Generation2 

#1 (War Without End)

#3 (Old Evils)

#7 (New Dawn)

#10 - 12 (Total War, Dark Shadows, A Rage in Heaven, Book 4: Creation)




"Autobot -- Decepticon, I do not understand the distinction."








Jhiaxus' offsider. He was not a second in command so much as an adviser. Rook spent 90 percent of his time being concerned for Jhiaxus' slowly deteriorating mental state. However it slowly became apparent that his concern was not really for Jhiaxus himself. It was more for what Jhiaxus' breakdown might do to the Cybertronian empire as a whole. 


He also seemed concerned for his own safety. This made him MUCH more interesting than just the boring "lackey" type we're introduced to in issue #1.


By the end of the series we're well aware that Rook's TRUE loyalties lay with a completely different power than Jhiaxus.




Rook was a 'Cybertronian' Decepticon. His role was, it seemed, twofold. It was mostly as Jhiaxus' adviser, but it also seemed to be as something of a monitor of Jhiaxus' mental state, reporting back to the Liege Maximo. This role, however, is only hinted at, and may only exist because I'm reading too much into the character. Nah, I couldn't be doing THAT.


Rook's first appearance was in issue #1. He was reporting to Jhiaxus about losses on one of their colonies due to attacks by the Autobots (led by Grimlock). Rook later spent most of his time greeting or saying goodbye to Jhiaxus, worried the whole time for his mental stability. Basically he tried to do his duty as Jhiaxus' offsider. This became harder and harder as Jhiaxus became loopier and loopier.


Finally Rook couldn't take it any more. He contacted the Liege Maximo about the situation and the Maximo called Rook home, to the hub. One gets the feeling that Rook was closer to the Liege Maximo than Jhiaxus. It makes one wonder at what role rook would have played had the series continued beyond 12 issues.


Rook stares up at his other master, the Liege Maximo.I think that he would have played a slightly more and more prominent role. He seems to me almost a Swindle-like character. He'd never be the leader, but he's a major player behind the scenes.



Tech Specs/TFU:  

None. He probably would have had low stats though, judging by the kind of character that he is. All except intelligence, which would probably have been 8, 9 or 10, would have been no higher than 5.




None. Hell, Rook never even had an alt mode, let alone a toy! Hell, he didn't even have alt mode FEATURES. He probably would have made a much better model kit than an action figure. I don't know how well anyone would be able to execute his "dread locks" as a toy, though.



Over All:  

Blink and you would have missed him. I have a feeling Rook would have been a LOT bigger and better had the Gen2 comic kept going for even one or so more years. Someone should ask Simon Furman about it for me, or at least give him my damn email addy.


Ahh well.



Full frontal nudity; Transformers don't wear clothes, right?