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US Transformers: Generation 2 

#4 (Devices and Desires, mentioned by Jhiaxus.)

#11 (Dark Shadows, mentioned by Rook.)

#12 (A Rage in Heaven, Book 4: Creation, actual appearance.)




"Evil... is INFINITE!"








The Liege Maximo was a tease of "what might have been". His appearance seems almost premature. He was probably only actually shown to us because the series was ending. I doubt it was intended for him to be shown this early in the series. Then again, who knows?


The Liege Maximo was the ultimate evil. The counterpoint to the "Prime" line. The "father" of the original Decepticons and the Cybertronian Decepticons. And he was also HUGE! He seemed like an attempt to create an 'ultimate evil' to replace and surpass Unicron. I suspect, had the book continued, he would have done just that!


Well, no, that's not true. After all, most cartoon fans still wouldn't know he exists...


Sadly, he never had a chance to even really try for cosmic notoriety.




The Liege Maximo (at least according to him) came into existence as a counterpoint to the 'Prime' line. He was the evil to their good. The ying to their yang. The fish to their not fish.


His evil nature spawned the Decepticons, or to put it in his words: "from the Liege Maximo came the Decepticons and all their subsequent generations."


He was the TRUE ruler of the Cybertronian Empire. He made his home in "the Hub", a strange system of metallic orbs (possibly planets) on the fringes of known space.


When the Autobots resurfaced, Liege Maximo showed some interest in them. He even asked that a group of captives be brought to him. Whatever he wanted with them, Jhiaxus feared it would be a fate worse than death. Luckily, Optimus stopped the captives from getting to the Liege Maximo (see issue #4 of the Generation 2 comic for more details).


The Liege Maximo finally "appeared" in the comic, talking to Rook about the Cybertronian losses in issue #12. His visage was imposing and sinister and he practically proclaimed himself to be evil incarnate!!



Tech Specs/TFU:  

I suspect, had the Liege Maximo had Tech Specs, his stats would have all been 10. Except perhaps speed. That would probably have been 3 by the Gen1 rating system. Or 9 by the Beast Wars rating system.




I don't think the Liege Maximo looks like a Transformer in the toy sense. He's far too detailed and almost organic, with no obvious alt mode features. He'd probably make an awesome model kit, though.



Over All:  

Well... he LOOKED cool. Hard to say much more really. All we get from his one appearance is a very tantalising glimpse, and not enough to really make a judgement. All I can say is: "Thank the gods Geoff Senior drew the Liege Maximo and not Manny Galan!!"


Well, that's not true, that's not all I can say. Not by a long shot. But I think I'll more or less cut it short here, with only one minor, final note.


The Liege Maximo was mentioned post-Gen2 in a story for Botcon written by Simon Furman. The story mentions the Liege Maximo ripping the Matrix from the body of a character named Primon. Because we don't believe in Primon here at the Obscure Transformers Website, this hasn't been mentioned in his Biography section.


There, that's all I have to say.