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Cybertronian Car.




Moonracer was a simple character archetype. She was the 'reckless youngster' character. Yep, she was filling the role already filled by Bumblebee, and later filled by Hot Rod. Hardly what one would call an ORIGINAL Transformer character. The only major difference between Moonracer and the other 'reckless youngster' characters is that even though she almost got everyone killed, she was NOT the one to come to the rescue. Her quick thinking HELPED later on, but she wasn't the hero of the story, not by a long shot.


"But she was female!" I hear you cry. That she was, but what else was she? Not much. She really didn't do anything that an established (and, if you like 'male') character couldn't have done. All except the part about being 'female' that is (grin). All in all she was little more than her character archetype. That 'little more' though, only exists by virtue of her gender.


One thing that makes her stand out from the other femmes, though, is her 'boyfriend'. The other three female Autobots all have boyfriends who pretty much show clear similarities to them. Moonracer on the other hand is paired with Powerglide for some reason. She probably would have been better suited to Bumblebee. However Bumblebee isn't RED is he? Failing Bumblebee, why not Sideswipe. He's red and a reckless youth type. It's kind of strange, isn't it?


By the way, I use the term 'Boyfriend' there in the loosest possible sense.




Moonracer was a young Female Autobot who was on a simple fuel stealing mission with her comrades Chromia and Firestar. Things were going well until she decided that, because the fuel seemed like easy pickings, she'd try to take more than they needed. In the process she tripped an alarm and alerted Shockwave to their presence.Note: robot with lip stick. WHY?!


Even though the three of them escaped unharmed, the damage was done. Shockwave now knew of the existence of the female Autobots, and decided to use this against the male Autobots.


When Rumble caved in the Femme's headquarters it was Moonracer who thought to use the energon to blast their way out and, in a way, thereby saved the day. At least until the Decepticons arrived again.


After escaping Moonracer and her comrades (including, now, male Autobots) tried to fight off the Decepticons. However, it was to no avail and they had to be rescued by Optimus Prime and Elita-one.


With the battle over Moonracer helped to rebuild Femme-base and stayed on Cybertron with Elita-one, to keep fighting the good fight.



Tech Specs/TFU:

I would usually say here that I expect her stats would be similar to Powerglide's as she seems to have been intended as his female counterpart. However this doesn't quite wash. To be honest I think her stats would be closer to Sideswipe's (and so would her tech specs description).





There was none, and I doubt there ever will be one. Then again, who knows? Can anyone say, "Japanese Gen1 Repaint"?


Moonracer probably isn't the best candidate for her own toy, though. She's got a few alt mode features in robot mode, but predominantly what she has is robot mode features in her alt mode. (As with many other TV-only TFs you can see her arms on the side of her vehicle form.) Her vehicle form isn't too bad, and overall she might lend herself okay to a repaint of Hot Rod (minus the spoiler) or possibly Blurr.



Over All:

Despite all my disparaging comments, Moonracer is actually a pretty good obscure character. She had a lot of dialogue for an obscure, she had Autobot insignia's, a fairly convincing alt mode, and she looked pretty good. Most cartoon-based 'original' characters (at least in my opinion) look somewhat rounded and strange. They don't really look like the real, toy-based Transformers. However, for the Female Autobots this works out. The tubular, rounded forms most cartoon-originals are given suit the female form a LOT better than the male form. Moonracer is, IMHO one of the best in appearance (next to Elita-one of course, though I like her pale green over Elita's pink).


Aside from the purely visual, Moonracer does fairly well in her role. Though she's not much more than your standard reckless youngster character, she adds a lot to the story. Sometimes you just NEED a dynamic and reckless youngster!




The Search For Alpha Trion:

She can FIGHT!  No, fanboy, she won't give you a kiss. Weirdo.  Vehicular mode.  Why so smug? She stole Shockwave's eye wash.