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The Search For Alpha Trion




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Cybertronian Car.




Chromia is a member of the group referred to as the Female Autobots. These femme fatales (hah!) showed up in one episode and quickly disappeared. Only their leader, Elita One, was to reappear. 


Chromia was basically made as a foil to Moonracer's reckless behaviour. She does even less than Moonracer and her role is basically that of saving Moonracer's butt in the first section of the episode. The fact that she gets a name is probably more to do with the fact that she has to talk to Moonracer than anything else. Still, she works well doing what she was created to do.


Chromia, like the other femmes, is also a counter-point to a male Autobot. She is the counterpart of Ironhide and her name (Chrome-ia...) also reflects that. She plays a similar 'gruff older Autobot' role to that which was assigned to Ironhide by his tech specs. A female Ironhide. I don't know whether to clap or cringe.





Chromia was an old, or perhaps middle-aged (if that concept works for Transformers) female Autobot who was on a simple fuel stealing mission with her comrades Moonracer and Firestar. Things were going well until Moonracer decided to get greedy and take more than they needed. In the process Shockwave was alerted, and Chromia had to save Moonracer from him, and get all three of them out of there alive.


Chromia did little after this point. She was there when the female Autobot headquarters was attacked and was one of the femmes saved by the Elita-one/Optimus Prime fighting mad combo. She was also there when the female Autobots were rebuilding their base and when they decide to stay on Cybertron. Like the other femmes she was "linked" with a male Autobot for no other reason that I can see than they were of a similar character archetype.


Chromia was linked to Ironhide.



Tech Specs/TFU:

Probably similar to Ironhide's.

You know what they say about chics with guns, right? ... No, no, I don't either.

Chromia only has a small gun, but it seems fairly potent. Maybe a mid-range or even high firepower. Then there's her speed. While I suspect most of her other stats are similar to Ironhide's, I'm almost positive that her speed is a bit  higher. She's a much sleeker car than he is. (Though admittedly, she isn't that sleek.)




Personally I think Chromia looks kind of ugly and ungainly. Still she'd probably make a reasonable toy, I think. After all she has all the major things a character should have before being converted to a TF toy: namely, two modes and some places where it looks like you could have put stickers.


One nice touch is the tyres on her arms. Another is the way her head/helmet is incorporated into the alt mode. This gives you a sense of her actually having transformed. This is something that really appeals to me in the visuals of an obscure Transformer. It also means if someone ever does decide to make her into a toy (for whatever reason) she'd have a head start on the likes of Emirate Xaaron who has no alt mode features.



Over All:

Chromia's another take-her-or-leave-her character. Then again, almost all obscure characters are, so there's no real complaints. Overall I think she worked well, and didn't end up being a glaringly obvious fraud. She's a decent character and it's kinda sad she didn't either appear again, or at least get to die. However, like all hi-and-bye characters, if you weren't really concentrating, she wouldn't have made much of an impact (a hell of a lot less than the likes of Moonracer or Elita-one would have made, at least).


I think, just to be unfair, that the only reason anyone remembers Chromia is because she happens to be one of a very, very few Female Autobots.



The Search For Alpha Trion:

Car mode.  Holding a sexual aide.  Gun totin'  Gettin' into the action.