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The Search For Alpha Trion








Cybertronian Ute... she's a Cybertronian Ute! Primus save us all!! Err... a ute is a... err a flatbed truck? No, err. Pick-up Truck. That's what Americans call them. Sane persons (Australians, such as myself) call them Utes.




Uhmmm... Firestar is probably the least developed of all the main Female Autobots. She's not so much a character archetype as a character who is just there. Firestar's only purpose is basically to be a transporter of Energon in the early scenes of the episode. Other than that she really does little.


Firestar seems to be a search-and-rescue Autobot, based on her relationship with Inferno. However, this doesn't really mesh with her alt mode. A search and rescue ute? You're kidding, right?Load up and ship out!


An aside here, Firestar's alt mode has always struck me as very similar to Kup's. I wonder if her alt mode is based on Kup's (as he would have been designed at this point, the Movie probably being close to halfway, or three quarters of the way finished). It's possible...




Firestar was one of three female Autobots on a mission to steal Energon from the Decepticons who was caught in the act (but not actually captured) by Shockwave. She had the task of hauling the energon. Though it took a bit of fancy driving (less so on Firestar's part) the three made it home safely.


Firestar unloaded the energon, as was present when the Decepticons attacked femme headquarters. She was also present when the Autobots showed up to help them. She spoke fondly to Inferno, and they hinted that they'd been partners in search-and-rescue before the war had split them up completely. It's hard to say whether they meant before the war, or during the war, though I assume before the war. After all, if she was his partner during the war she probably would have gone with him to earth (that's assuming he went to earth... he's one of the ones who just appeared, right?).


Firestar was there when the Decepticons were trying to kill the femmes, fighting with all her might alongside Inferno. However, she chose to remain on Cybertron when he left.



Tech Specs/TFU:  

Probably incredibly similar to Inferno's...




I dunno. I think if someone really wanted to they could probably kit-bash a pretty convincing Firestar toy from a Kup toy. It wouldn't be hard, as long as you had a modified head and a few modifications to other parts. Her chest adornment could be 'clip-on' if you really wanted it to be.



Over All:  

Nothing really to say. A hi-then-bye character who probably would have slipped completely from our consciousness's if she'd been a comic-character, or if she'd been male. Sorry to those who really love the femmes, but, frankly, she wasn't a very impressive character as obscures go. Definitely not compared to Elita-One... and Elita-One's not exactly a shining moment.




The Search for Alpha Trion:

Robot mode.  Vehicle mode.  Firestar utes along with a load of Energon.