Corkscrew digs his way through various debris.



US Transformers  

#18 (The Bridge to Nowhere)




"Yes, commander."




Drill Vehicle.




Corkscrew was seriously lucky to get a name. As appearances go his was one of the shortest and least memorable of all time. Still, that's not to say he didn't serve his purpose. Both Corkscrew and his comrade Borebit (Also in the above picture) were used as tools to allow the Autobots to successfully launch an assault on Darkmount. If that's not serving a purpose, I don't know what is.


Because the two characters only ever appear in ONE picture it's almost impossible to say for certain who is who. For the purposes of this archive I'm going to use a very simple method to decide who is who. I simply assume that the order they appear on the page (reading left-to-right as we westerners are prone to do) is the same as the order in which Perceptor said their names. Therefore Corkscrew is the one on the left, Borebit the one on the right.




Corkscrew was part of a large Autobot task force who was assembled to stop the Decepticons (led by lord Straxus) from successfully using the Space Bridge to get to earth. The Autobots used a tunnelling device to dig their way under the Decepticon fortress. Unfortunately, the digging tool was only able to dig horizontally.


When the Autobots reached the base of Darkmount they placed explosive charges, then had to get out of there quickly. This is where Corkscrew and Borebit came into it. Transforming into their drill-modes they drilled a tunnel up to the surface, allowing the Autobots to get out safely, and then to launch their assault on the Decepticons.


Corkscrew, of the two, seems to be the most talkative. When given an order the other guy just did it, Corkscrew had to reiterate that he was doing it by saying, "Yes commander". Assuming the two are partners, does this mean Corkscrew does all of Borebit's talking for him? Probably not, because it's impossible to generalise based on such a piddly appearance.


It's hard to KNOW what happened to Corkscrew next as he never appeared again. However, it's easy to ASSUME what happened. In the ensuing battle the Decepticons slaughtered EVERYONE except the seven Autobots who were sent to Earth. Corkscrew would have gone down fighting, just like any good warrior.


Assuming he is a good warrior, and not a crappy one. In which case he would have been captured by the Decepticons, then just ended up in the smelting pool, anyway.



Tech Specs/TFU:  

Why do I get the feeling that Corkscrew's stats would be frighteningly similar to Twin Twist's? This is probably because of the alt-mode similarity. Frankly, I doubt he'd be that tough. After all, it's not like he survived the battle, did he? I mean, BEACHCOMBER could survive being hit by Straxus' blast, but there's not evidence that Corkscrew was even nearly that lucky.







Over All:  

Well... at least he got to say something, right? Corkscrew is a good example of hi-then-bye (and most likely 'hi-then-die' as well). He was there, did what the writer needed him to do, then he buggered off into comic book oblivion. Corkscrew, we salute yo... wait... where did he go? (Grin.)



Full picture of Corkscrew and Borebit's only appearance.