US Transformers  

#18 (The Bridge to Nowhere)




None, he weren't that talkative.




Drill Vehicle.




Borebit, like Corkscrew, was there only to serve a very simple plot purpose. He acted as a tool to explain how the Autobots were able to dig to the surface when their digging machine was clearly only designed for horizontal movement. However, he also served a more literary purpose. By using these two original characters, and even giving them names it gives the reader more of a sense of volume. This really IS A huge battle, not just an isolated incident with a couple of toy-based characters.


As I said with Corkscrew, it's hard to know who is who. The method I used to decide which Autobot was which was simple. They appear on the page from left to right. Assuming that Perceptor said their names in order the one on the left is Corkscrew, the one on the right is the man in question, Borebit.




Almost identical to that of Corkscrew. As part of the attack on Darkmount, Borebit served as a digging tool to allow the Autobots to escape the blast of their own explosives.


After digging the tunnel, Borebit is never seen again. However one assumes that he was killed (probably fighting valiantly) in the battle against the Decepticons that ensued. Either that or he was taken prisoner. The second option seems very unlikely, though.


Borebit seemed to be the silent type, preferring to just get on with his work, rather than answering his commander when given a mission. He did what he was told, he didn't need flowery speeches like, "Yes commander". Well, good on him for it too!



Tech Specs/TFU:  

Probably very low stats... but at least we know what his powers would be. The power to drill through stuff, and the power to appear then disappear without a trace. Heh.




Okay. Not much to say, is there? Basically a toy of this character would probably be fairly lame. From what one can see of him in our one very limited picture, Borebit appears to be a transformer who is laying down, and who happens to have a drill on his head. I can see the amazing Transformation now... drill flips on, drill flips off, drill flips on, drill flips off... No, he doesn't seem like toy material to me.


On the other hand there is a frightening resemblance to the DrillDasher version of Powerdasher...



Over All:  

Well, he wasn't there very long, was he? All I really have to say here is that I like the name Borebit better than Corkscrew, for some reason.


Full picture of Borebit and Corkscrew's only appearance.