High Councillor Traachon. His only every pic.


UK Transformers

Transformers Annual 1985 (And There Shall Come... A Leader)


The Autobot Council of Elders is mentioned in Transformers UK #83 (Cybertron: The Middle Years) and their actions are probably also the actions of Traachon.


A Transformer who appears to be an estemed elder appears in US Transformers #1 (The Transformers). He might be Traachon, he might not. It's hard to tell for sure because he actually looks a lot like Traachon's fellow Elder Tomaandi, though in different colours.



Asking about Xaaron's suggestion that a soldier be given control of the Autobot army: "Do you know of one who could shoulder such responsibility?" Answer? Optimus Prime.






Traachon was, like most Obscure characters, a plot device. He was used to help explain the rise of Optimus Prime to the leadership of the Autobots. He was used again later to demonstrate how evil and powerful the Decepticons were (by dying, ouch). Not really much of a career, but significant all the same.

Traachon gives us a glimpse into the way the Autobots differ from the Decepticons. He's part of a bureaucracy trying to run an army; versus a dedicated military force. He also presents us with a very unusual political figure. He's probably the first politician in the history of the universe to vote himself OUT of power.



High Councillor Traachon was the ruler of the Autobots. He was the head of the Autobot council of elders, and held power of veto. He was an influential figure, but also a surprisingly open-minded one.

Traachon was (at least I believe) High Councillor when the war with the Decepticons broke out. His bureaucracy couldn't handle the onslaught of the Decepticons and their leadership was causing the downfall of the Autobots. As Megatron prepared to invade Iacon (where the High Council ruled, from the heavily protected Celestial Temple), the council was preparing to surrender to the Decepticon. Only Emirate Xaaron spoke out, and luckily Traachon listened. He used his power of veto to stop the surrender, and to make Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots. He effectively voted himself out of office!!

(As a sideline, the decision was a good one. Optimus Prime turned Megatron's attack on Iacon back, and a dedicated Military leader proved to be just what the Autobot resistance needed).

After Optimus, the crew of the Ark, and Megatron, were lost on earth, the Autobot council was reinstated as the leadership body of the Autobots. Unfortunately, the Autobots were decimated. The Decepticon warlord Trannis crushed the Autobot city-states, and finally rallied against Iacon itself. Traachon couldn't veto now. Surrender was the only recourse. Unfortunately it proved to be the wrong decision. After the surrender Trannis had all of the council of elders, including Traachon (but not Xaaron, who'd fled), executed summarily.



Tech Specs/TFU:

It's almost impossible to say what kind of tech specs Traachon might have had. He was a bureaucrat, so he probably was weak physically. He bowed under pressure surprisingly easily (imagine! voting YOURSELF out of office!!) so I doubt his courage or intelligence were high. One things for sure, though, he would have had a high 'rank' attribute!



The only visual representation of Traachon ever was the picture above. You tell me, would he be good toy material?


Over All:

Traachon was interesting in the same was as his fellow council member, Tomaandi, was. not just because he also had a double-a thing in his name, but because he showed a very good reason WHY the Autobots could lose so badly, then rally to become almost equal with the Decepticons. The destroyer here was bureaucracy. The scourge of every nation! A great military campaign, it seems, needs to be headed by a great military leader.

Too bad Traachon didn't listen to Xaaron the second time and scatter instead of surrendering. He might still be alive. Oh well, can't survive 'em all.