Tomaandi advocates surrender in front of the council.Appearances:

UK Transformers

Transformers Annual 1985 (And There Shall Come... A Leader)


The Autobot Council of Elders is mentioned in Transformers UK #83 (Cybertron: The Middle Years) and their actions are probably also the actions of Tomaandi.


A Transformer who looks very similar to Tomaandi, and who is clearly held in high esteme, appears in US Transformers #1 (The Transformers). However his colours are different to those of Tomaandi, so it's uncertain whether he's the same robot.



"The Decepticons have breached all but our final defences, our troops are in disarray -- we are defeated!"






Tomaandi existed almost solely to be called a fool by Emirate Xaaron.


Tomaandi was one of the Autobot high council, the body Emirate Xaaron accused of handing victory after victory to the Decepticons (even though he was actually on that council himself). He was something of a jerk, by most accounts. A fool, according to Xaaron. 


Tomaandi was one of the Autobot High Council members who advocated council control of the Autobot armies. While this was fine when there were no wars to fight, when the Decepticons came into view, the Autobots started to get their butts kicked!


When Megatron began his final offensive against the Autobot capitol of Iacon, Tomaandi advocated surrender, saying that the Autobot forces were defeated. Luckily, Emirate Xaaron wouldn't accept this conclusion and petitioned High Councillor Traachon to veto the surrender decision and give control of the Autobots to one robot; Optimus Prime. 


I'm sure Tomaandi was a little put out when Traachon did just that!

(As a sideline, the decision was a good one. Optimus Prime turned Megatron's attack on Iacon back, and a dedicated Military leader proved to be just what the Autobot resistance needed).

After Optimus, the crew of the Ark were lost on earth the Autobot council was reinstated as the leadership body of the Autobots. Unfortunately, the Autobots were decimated. The Decepticon warlord Trannis crushed the Autobot city-states, and finally rallied against Iacon itself. 


Surrender it seemed, was the only recourse this time. No matter WHAT Emirate Xaaron said. Unfortunately it proved to be the wrong decision. After the surrender Trannis had all of the council of elders, including Tomaandi (but not Xaaron, who'd fled), summarily executed..



Tech Specs/TFU:

It's almost impossible to say what kind of tech specs Tomaandi might have had. He was a bureaucrat, so he probably was weak physically. His rank would have been high, that's for sure.


It's strange to imagine Autobot leaders as weak, but the high council WOULD have been. These guys were not Matrix holders. While it's possible the Primes were high councillors before, it's clear that Optimus Prime was the first of the Primes to have full control of the Autobot army, and the Autobots. 


The only visual representation of Tomaandi ever was the picture above. You tell me, would he be good toy material? On the other hand, one of the TFs sitting in front of him looks a lot like Optimus Prime. More evidence that Prime was just one of a TYPE of Autobot?


Over All:  

Tomaandi was a jerk, but deliberately so.


He wasn't much of a character, having only a one panel appearance (apart from mentions under the heading 'Autobot Council'). Still, he played his part, went on, then died, just like a good obscure character should!