UK Transformers

#245 (Underworld)




"They're mad! We're gonna die!"




Unknown, but I suppose it was likely (considering his name) to have been some sort of submarine.




A fairly typical "hi-then-die" character. Subsea was shown to you, then killed off. these sorts of characters are usually used to make a story or scene more brutal. Here, that's exactly what Subsea is used for.


On the other hand, the appearance of Subsea (and his friend Flattop), provides an interesting insight into Autobot culture. It's evolved since the time of the Ark. Where once, long ago, Autobots used to have brutal baptisms of fire, now they no longer see this as necessary. Interesting, eh?




Subsea was an Autobot Cadet along with Flattop, Tailgate, Pipes and Outback. Like Tailgate he listened to Flattop when he suggested going into the Underworld, for a kind of baptism of fire. Like Tailgate, he thoroughly regretted it.


Unlike Flattop, Subsea didn't fall apart so much that he didn't want to get the hell OUT of Underworld.Within a few minutes of getting into the Underworld, Subsea realised just how foolish this enterprise was. He lost his cool and didn't know how to react beyond "We're gunna die!!". Needless to say, this attitude did get him killed. He was blasted in tiny pieces by the mutant Warhead.



Tech Specs/TFU:

Nothing really to say here. He never had a Techs Specs and judging by his appearance they wouldn't have been that spectacular anyway.




The interesting thing about Subsea is that, to me, he actually looks like a transformer. Something about him does make him look fairly realistic as a mini-bot. One could almost see him transforming fairly easily into a futuristic submarine... This is simply because he has alt-mode features. His head, though shaped somewhat dumbly, does look like it might be the front of a submarine, or a boat. He has fins on hi arms (and sometimes his legs) too. 


He really would have made an okay Minibot.



Over All:

Subsea is standard fare, as hi-then-die characters go. He never really does much, and can't be blamed for that. (He's too dead to do much.) He's a rather pathetic character, who falls apart under pressure. But that's only to hi-light that Tailgate doesn't do so. 


No, Tailgate doesn't crumble under pressure ever.


He just thinks human machines are alive and enslaved... Sure he's insane, but will you see him crumble under pressure? Not a chance!




UK Issue #245

Subsea, Tailgate and Flattop cower in fear.  When the going gets tough...  ...Subsea tries to get going.  Another Subsea pic.  Subsea's shocked face.