Flattop combats constipation.


UK Transformers

#245 (Underworld)




"No! Subsea!"




Unknown, possibly an air craft carrier of some sort, or maybe a jet. (Grin.)




Flattop was a rather simplistic one-off character designed to act as a counterpoint to another character. The heroism of Tailgate was contrasted starkly against Flattop's cowardice in this obscure's one and only appearance. When the Flattop, Subsea and Tailgate found themselves in a bad situation (because of Flattop) no one got out but Tailgate, who was resourceful and brave (and who was the only one who had a toy.)



Flattop was an Autobot cadet out to prove himself. In an attempt to make himself seem more important he convinced  Subsea and Tailgate, his fellow cadets, to take their initiation in the 'Underworld'. The custom of taking initiation in the Underworld was ancient, but also redundant. In Pipes words, it had 'Gone out with the Ark'. 


So here was Flattop trying to prove himself by leading his friends down to face something Autobots hadn't had to face for 4 million years.

No Transformer in history deserved his name more than Flattop.The Underworld was a subterranean part of Cybertron dominated by Transformer 'Mutants' whose only pleasure in life was mayhem and destruction. They were frightening and dangerous, and were the reason that initiations were no longer taken in the Underworld: too many fatalities.


Still, despite warnings from his comrades, Flattop led his two friends down into the Underworld. There they were trapped, cornered and almost decimated by the mutants. Flattop proved totally useless: freezing up once he realised what he'd gotten into. He, along with Subsea, was killed by the mutants. In Flattop's case he was slagged by the mutant named Smeltdown.


Only Tailgate managed to get out alive.



Tech Specs/TFU:

He had neither, and deserved neither. Creep.




There actually WAS a Flattop toy! Believe it or not, one existed! Just not a Flattop toy for THIS character.


 Flattop was a Micromaster Decepticon. He was one of the Micromaster transports. He transformed into a jet and had a 'transport' which went from an air craft carrier to a jet form. As I said, this Flattop was a totally unrelated character. 


As for the Flattop this entry is about, he didn't really seem like the kind of character which could be easily converted into a toy: no suggestions of alt mode, no unique details. Just a generic TF with a name, really.




Over All:

He served his purpose, but all up Flattop was a gimp. He died very quickly and he DESERVED to die. 


(Wow, I must really hate him... or DO I...?)




UK Issue #245

Doing his impression of a purple McDonalds character.  I think Flattop knows what happens to obscures in these sorts of stories...  Broken in spirit, but not yet in mind.  Subsea, Tailgate and Flattop cowering in fear (Flattop's cowering the most.)  The others are on the move, but Flattop's still cowering.