Fleshling Technology from the cartoon.


This section describes the technology of the humans and the various alien races of the cartoon. Most of them are fleshlings, and 99% of this stuff is Earth Technology. However, for simplicity's sake, non-transformer robot technology (such as that of the Quintessons) will also be included here.


I only have a few pictures here at the moment, but hopefully that will soon increase. The underlined ones have links to pictures, for those who haven't mastered this Internet thing yet.



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Anti-Matter Formula (Roll For It!) The formula used to produce Anti-matter. It was developed by Dr. Alkazar and Chip Chase. The formula was sought by the Decepticons, who tried to steal it from Dr. A. To stop them he sent it to Chip Chase. Chip in turn memorised the formula and destroyed the soft copy (the disk it was on, for those not in the know). However, to Chip's horror, Soundwave simply plucked the formula from his mind using his special scanning powers. They used the formula to produce anti-matter and create super-powerful anti-matter energon cubes.



Autobot-X (Autobot Spike) Autobot X was a Frankenstein's Monster of an Autobot created by Sparkplug out of spare parts of other Autobots. When he was activated he went berserk and had to be shut down. Later Spike's mind was transferred into the body of Autobot X (though the reasons why are rather unclear).











Crystal of Power (Fire on the Mountain) A super-powerful crystal which channelled the energy produced by a massive molten-gusher running through one of the many mountains in the Andes mountain range. The crystal served as a cap for the energy-gusher, but also served to channel its power. Megatron used the crystal as the centrepiece for one of his many massive killer guns. 


The weapon frame was forged out of special alloys. There was no way a lesser frame would survive the heat produced by the crystal's rays. This was exemplified when Starscream stole inadequate steel and the weapon's frame melted down after one firing.





Dome of Invulnerability -- force field(Atlantis, Arise!) A kind of Force Field created by the Sub-Atlanticans to surround Washington D.C. and prevent outside forces from interfering in the city. OBVIOUSLY you'd send Bumblebee and Spike to infiltrate under the dome...  at least that's what the Autobots did. This allowed Bumblebee one of his finest moments when he knocked down Starscream (admittedly Starscream was already under the effects of the Magnetic Dysfunction ray).


Despite its much-touted invulnerability, the Dome crumbled almost instantly under an assault by the Dinobots; shattering like glass. (And I mean literally shattering like glass.)





Exponential Generator (Countdown to Extinction) A powerful generator created by Dr. Arkeville. Starscream rigged the Generator to explode, to destroy the planet Earth so he could harvest the energy from the explosion. Megatron discovered the timer and disabled it then tried to take the generator for himself. However, the Generator was unstable, and he had to launch it into space (with some help from Optimus Prime) where it exploded anyway.





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Hypno-Chip (The Ultimate Doom) This device was invented by Dr. Arkeville. It was a small chip placed behind the ear, which controlled the mind of its victim. It could be disrupted by sonic energy. The Decepticons and Arkeville used these chips to create an army of human slaves, and to control the Autobots' friend Sparkplug, and use him against them.





Iron Mountain -- human fortress(Insecticon Syndrome) It seems to have been the World's biggest and most important Security installation. It had details of worldwide defence capabilities in its central databases. The Decepticons, combined with the enhanced Insecticons, had little trouble breaking into the fortress/military base.


It's less an Iron Moutain, more an Iron Awards Statue.





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Magnetic Dysfunction Ray -- gun to disable Transformers(Atlantis, Arise!) A special disruptor created by Nergil to use against the Autobots, and later the Decepticons (when he wanted to betray them). It surrounded its victim in a field, which disrupted their mechanical workings. The ray was created using information he gained by examining an imprisoned Wheeljack. For this reason it worked a lot better against Autobots than Decepticons. Autobots were completely frozen by the ray, while Decepticons were only slowed down severely (to the point where Bumblebee was able to beat Starscream).


The gun also seemed to be the source of the fields surrounding its victims, constantly powering those fields. This meant that when Grimlock smashed the ray, the fields ceased to function around the Autobots affected by it.


Nergil, tired of being called 'Mr. Ugly', decided to do something about it.

Nergil fires the ray.  Ouch for Starscream!





Uh-oh, she's gunna flip-out and kil.. uh... crap, I've never even read that website, do I think I'm COOL for making a reference too it? Pathetic.(Enter The Nightbird) A feminine-looking Ninja-robot built by a Japanese scientist (named Dr. Fujiyama)to show off the peak of current human robotics technology. It was reprogrammed and enhanced by the Decepticon Bombshell (at the request of Megatron) to steal the World Energy Chip from the Autobots. In the end the robot was stopped by a shot in the back from Starscream, who was jealous of it. 


It was then locked away in a box, never to be seen again. I theorise that it was, not long after that, disassembled, to make use of the irreplaceable parts which made it up, so they didn't go to waste.


Nightbird is significant to Transformers for other reasons. Nightbird is an often-debated point of contention among Transformers fans. Some fans claim that Nightbird was a sentient robot who chose to become a Decepticon. Others, like myself, believe that Nightbird was a drone, whose programming was upgraded by Bombshell. Some even believe that Megatron was in love with Nightbird, which is why Starscream was so jealous. I personally think that's ridiculous. That's like a man falling in love with a dog. Or a cockroach. (Yeah, I know that sorta thing actually happens... but it's still silly, and gross.) Nightbird was a primitive robot who only got away with the tricks and things she did because the Autobots were constantly holding back. 


Still, even those who argue about Nightbird's importance, must admit that it is very strange that a scientist built a giant killer ninja robot in the first place. What did they THINK was going to happen? Of course the Decepticons were going to steal it! Why the heck did you build it in the first place Fujiyama?! Were you mad? You must have been mad! Errr. That's enough from me.



Nova Power Plant (Insecticon Syndrome) A powerful energy power plant which was eaten by the Insecticons. This enhanced them, making them super-strong, and a lot bigger. However, the Power Plant didn't react well with the Insecticons' innards, and became unstable. The Autobots tried to use an antidote (an antidote for a power planet?) to stop the Insecticons from exploding and leaving a large hole in the side of the USA, however Shrapnel exploded anyway. Not that he stayed exploded for long: soon regenerating thanks to the other Insecticons' help.





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Solar Satellite -- solar energy transmitting space object(Attack of the Autobots) A satellite invented by Dr. Harding to draw unlimited energy from the glorious power source known to one and all as 'the sun'. Of course, because this was a Transformers cartoon, the satellite was stolen by the Decepticons.


To help with stealing the satellite, the Decepticons turned the Autobots evil and got them to destroy the air force, and try to get the plans to the satellite from Dr. Harding. Naturally, because evil = incompetent, the Autobots failed, and were turned good again by those Autobots who had escaped from being turned evil.


The Satellite was successfully rescued and placed in orbit by Optimus Prime, after he had been returned to the loving arms of 'good'.

No energy transmission...  Some energy transmission!



Subatlantica -- underwater city(Atlantis, Arise!) A submarine city. Its power sources brought it to the attention of the Decepticons. They helped the residents of the city to surface (city and all) and try to take over the planet. In the end the city was destroyed by its King, in a vain attempt to kill the Autobots invading the city.





TORQ III -- super computer(Day of the Machines) TORQ III was a super computer, built by human scientists, with incredible intelligence. Thanks to Megatron it's ability to control the machines in its own compound was spread to include all machines, anywhere.


It tried to control Optimus Prime, but the Autobot leader tricked it, destroyed all its machinery, then shut TORQ down for good, by shoving his fist into the poor creature's main console.











Voltronic Galaxer (Blaster Blues) A communications device designed to instantly communicate with life in other solar systems. The Decepticons answered its maiden call, and stole the device. They then used it as the central unit in a device designed to control all radio transmissions on earth.





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