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Welcome to a listing of all (or at least as many as are listed here) the 'obscure' (IE: Those who never appeared anywhere BUT the cartoon) Fleshlings and Aliens from the cartoon! Enjoy!



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Ali -- evil Arab stereotype (Aerial Assault) Evil human type. He aligned himself with the Decepticons, assisting them in building a massive army of drone-fighters, and a huge Sphinx-like flying fortress. He did this by overthrowing Prince Jumal, and smuggling jets from other countries into his own. To smuggle the jets through he disassembled them, then reassembled them as cars, to be disassembled and reassembled (as jets) again when in his own country. It was one of the stupidest schemes in the history of the cartoon. He was overthrown when the Decepticons were defeated. his final fate is unknown. Though I like to think he had his head chopped off, in classic middle-eastern style.



Dr. Alkazar -- scientist (Roll for it!) The inventor of the Anti-matter formula, with the help of Chip Chase. Dr. Alkazar used his modem to upload the formula to Chip when the Decepticons tried to steal it. Unfortunately, Chip was a bad choice, because he's a complete goon. The good Dr. never appeared again and it's possible the Decepticons killed him when they discovered he didn't have the formula.


Well, okay that's not true. Megatron actually said to let Alkazar go. But here's hoping he was killed anyway for being such a bad, stereotyped scientist. I mean, really! what B movie did this guy wander off of?!



Alana (Sea Change) A Tlalakan who fell in love with Seaspray. She, along with the rest of her people, was a slave. Her people had been taken over by the Decepticons during the great war, and were under the supervision of Deceptitran and his army of drones. With the help of Seaspray and several other Autobots, Alana was instrumental in the freeing of her race. At one point during their time together, Alana changed herself (with the help of a magical pool) into a robot, for Seaspray. She changed back, at the end, however. She then proclaimed that it didn't matter what they were like on the outside, they could still love each other. In other words, a heavy-handed 'it's ok to have interracial relationships' message to the kiddies. Whee.



Dr. Arkeville -- mad scientist! (The Ultimate Doom, pts 1 to 3, Countdown to Extinction) A scientist who worked with the Decepticons. He was part machine, with several bionic implants (including an entire arm being replaced by machinery). Dr. Arkeville invented the hypno-chip for the Decepticons. In exchange he was promised world-domination, when the Decepticons were through with Earth. However, when the good doctor realised that their plan was to DESTROY earth, he decided he wanted out, and sought help from Starscream. When the Decepticons' scheme failed, and Megatron seemingly died, Starscream took Arkeville back to his lab. To Arkeville's horror Starscream turned one of his inventions, the exponential generator, into a massive, planet-destroying, bomb.


To prevent Arkeville from interfering with the bomb, Starscream took him to Cybertron. There the Doctor tried to stop Starscream from collecting the energy from the destruction of earth, by meddling with the controls. However the Sentry Monitor was on, and it fried Arkeville the moment he touched the controls. For some reason, rather than just leaving him to die, Starscream had Arkeville 'rebuilt'. Literally. He was rebuilt into an almost entirely mechanical freak that couldn't even walk independently. He bitched about this to Starscream, but not for long. The timing device on the bomb didn't work and Starscream was forced to go back to earth, leaving Arkeville alone with Shockwave on Cybertron.


This is the last we see of Arkeville, and it's reasonable to assume that he died at the hands of Shockwave shortly after Starscream left him alone.


If there's ever a live-action Transformers movie, Dr. Arkeville should be played by Christopher Lloyd.  "Testing, one two... testing, one two... Is this thing on? Whew, tough crowd.











Cahnay, Auggie (Trans-Europe Express) He was one of the drivers in the race to Istanbul. He was an arrogant, stubborn, annoying prat of a driver. Needless to say, he was also the American driver. (It's a JOKE people)


Auggie was significant because of the car he drove: a special high-tech car with a special alloy for an engine. The alloy was desired by the Decepticons to build a controlling device for the Pearl of Bahoudin. So they set up the race to bring Auggie to Istanbul, and to them. With the help of the Autobots, though, he got his car back, only to sacrifice it to save those self-same Autobots, proving he wasn't such a bad guy after all.

Carly -- token female (Various Episodes) One of five "regular" human characters in the cartoon series (The others being Spike, Sparkplug, Daniel and Chip). Carly was one of those headstrong female types. She paired up with Spike a lot, and also seemed to replace Chip as the 'token' character in the show. Good old token females. Unlike Spike, Chip and Sparkplug, though she had her own car, and didn't always rely on the Autobots for rides. Later in the series (season three) Carly and Spike were married. It seems that Daniel was her son. Why didn't she use protection?!


Carly! Yay!  The closest thing sex-starved TF Cartoon fans have to a sex symbol...  Well... there is always Marissa Fairborne.  But Carly's a college student hitting on a high school kid. She's a lot 'easier' than Marissa!












Ed - Workman (More Than Meets the Eye, pt 2) A relatively unimportant workman from the Sherman Dam power plant. When the Decepticons attacked, and Rumble set the dam to overflowing Ed was one of the many workmen running around in panic crying out that things were going to pot. Well worked out, Ed.

Ed -- workman (Transport to Oblivion) Ed 2 was a workman at  the solar power station in Transport to Oblivion. He might have been just another forgettable workman from Transformers except that Ed 2 had a special power. He could change his skin colour!


Surf through the images and watch as Ed 2 changes from a black man, to a white man and back to a black man again. Amazing.


Don't tell me you agree with me  When I saw you kicking dirt in my eye  But, if you're thinking about my baby  It don't matter if you're black or white





Dr. Fujiyama -- famous scientist (Enter The Nightbird) The creator of "The Nightbird". He invited the Autobots to view the robot in its unveiling, partly to protect it. He bragged that Nightbird was a showcase of the greatest of human robot technology. Why it was built as a "ninja robot" is beyond me. Then again, it's not the first time the pinnacle of human technology has been exemplified and showcased in a military vehicle or weapon. When the robot was, predictably, stolen by the Decepticons, the good doctor implored that the Autobots get it back without damaging it.


Despite this insistence, the first thing he did when he got the robot back was to lock it up in a box and hide it away. Why even BOTHER getting it back?











Dr. Harding -- scientist (Attack of the Autobots) The Inventor of the 'Solar Satellite' which was the object of the Decepticons' desires in this episode. She was attacked by Hound and Ratchet, who wanted the plans to the Satellite. However, she escaped. (Or rather she grabbed the plans and escaped.) She was saved when Jazz and the others showed up and turned Hound and Ratchet good again. Thank goodness.



Hassan (Aerial Assault) See 'Jumal, Prince'.



Haley, Professor (Blaster Blues) He invented the "Voltronic Galaxer" to communicate with the rest of the universe. When he tested it, he got an instant response. From the Decepticons. Bummer.











Prince Jumal -- prince (Aerial Assault) Prince of a middle-Eastern country which was overthrown by Ali and the Decepticons. He dressed up as "Hassan" to spy on Ali and help overthrow him. With the help of the Aerialbots he did just that, thwarting the Decepticons and overthrowing the evil Ali. Jumal's hobby was fixing up old cars. He used his mechanical skills to help reassemble the Aerialbots Skydive and Slingshot. 


He even had to use parts from one of his old cars to fix up Slingshot's chest plate. Who would have realised Aerialbot chest plates were interchangeable with the front grill of old cars? Obviously Jumal did. Isn't he just 'the man'?




Joan (Microbots) A female Archaeologist who uncovered the Star Drive of the Decepticons' ship. Her work drew the Decepticons, in search of the Heart of Cybertron (which also happened to be the Star Drive's power source).





K + L






It's Marty Minkler, looking like a sprite from one of the Indiana Jones games!Marty Minkler -- tv news reporter (Starscream's Brigade) A news reporter who was covering the unveiling ceremonies of the Optimus Prime memorial statue. Though why he needed a memorial when he wasn't DEAD was beyond me. He was there to witness the Combaticons trashing the statue, and stealing a couple of Autobots. On a side note, he had freckles. If you've ever seen me, you'll know why I mentioned this.





King Nergil -- king of the Subatlanticans (Atlantis, Arise!) A telepathic undersea fleshling, native to earth. He desired to take over the planet, but couldn't because his people were bound to the ocean. With the help of Decepticon technology, he overcame this problem. However, he was quickly plotting to betray the Decepticons and achieve total domination for himself. To this end he invented a gun, based on testing done on Wheeljack, which would disable Transformers. The gun was later destroyed by Grimlock, before he could turn it on the Decepticons.


When his city, of Sub-Atlantica was invaded by the Autobots, he decided to blow it up and kill EVERYONE rather than let them destroy his home unpunished! He succeeded in blowing Sub Atlantica up, but the Autobots (And Decepticons) escaped unharmed. He was never seen again, and might have died in the explosion.











Teranova, Dr. (Trans-Europe Express) An archaeologist used by the Decepticons to help them locate and excavate the Pearl of Bahoudin.











Soji Yoshikawa, Dr. (Kremzeek!) A human scientist who helped the Autobots to destroy the strange little creature known as Kremzeek.











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