Wheezel 'accepts' a drink for some information.Appearances:

US Transformers

#17 (The Smelting Pool)




"I might know something..."




Unknown, it's possible that a Transformer in his kind of condition can no longer Transform.




Wheezel was a con artist character. He was your typical downtrodden, but very well informed, little snitch. He helped Scrounge, and was used as a tool first of all to tell us a little more about Scrounge (he works with some shady characters) and secondly (more importantly) to allow the Autobots to find out where Scrounge disappeared to. In a way, without Scrounge, this character would have had no reason for existing.


This is one of the most disused character archetypes in Transformers comics: the street-rat, or informant. Swindle, Double-Dealer and Wheezel constitute just about ALL the Transformers who were portrayed as con-men or shady characters. 


At least in the west. I'm not sure about Japan's versions.


The point is, Wheezel is an all too rare glimpse into the more selfish side of Transformers. He exists only to keep on furthering his existence. He feeds off the fuel he gains by selling information, and lives in a place almost no one would want to live in by choice. This sort of character would really be interesting to examine closely in a story or fanfic. At least, that's what I think. After all, just because you're not an Autobot or Decepticon doesn't mean you don't have an interesting part to play in the war...




Wheezel was a resident of the Dead End. No, not the Stunticon. The Dead End is a district of Cybertron where only the decrepit, the empties, the injured and the weak end up. It's a place for the downtrodden and pathetic. A place for those who... well... who suck, basically.


Like all members of the Dead End, Wheezel was badly in need of many things: fuel, repairs, spare parts, etc. However the one thing he wasn't in need of was wits. The Dead End it seems is a spot where you can find information on anything, given the right place, price and people. Wheezel just happens to be one of those well informed people.


Wheezel was one of Scrounge's informants. He gave Scrounge some information on the kidnapping of Spanner. This information in turn led to Scrounge's capture and demise.


When Scrounge was trying to escape Darkmount, he passed through the Dead End, and went past Wheezel in the process. Wheezel asked him for some fuel, but Scrounge refused. Moments later Wheezel witnessed Scrounge being captured and taken away by the Decepticon Shrapnel.


Later, when the Autobots were searching for Scrounge, their search logically brought them to the Dead End. There, Wheezel offered them information... in exchange, of course, for some fuel. He told them where Scrounge was located, and then disappeared, never to be seen again.


Poor, beat-up, old guy.A fairly pathetic full body shot (obviously blown up quite a lot from the original picture).

Tech Specs/TFU:  

He never had any (surprise, surprise. He wouldn't BE here if he had). However, I suspect his intelligence would at least be middle-range, High? Maybe. Low? Probably not. The rests of his stats? Well, rank is irrelevant (he's not a Decepticon or Autobot). His physical stats would suck badly... so... basically, all he'd HAVE is his wits. This sort of thing would not really appeal to a bunch of high-energy, sugar-overloaded kids, would it?




Wheezel has no signs of making a good action figure. However, being a member of the Dead End would be a good excuse for the toy always falling apart. An angry parent takes the toy back to the shop demanding, "This toy's arms fell off! And they won't go back on!!" The shop assistant replies, "Oh Ma'am, I know. It's built that way deliberately. Sorry, no refunds."





Over All:  

Wheezel is one of my favourite obscure characters, and I'm not sure why. He didn't make a huge impact, or do THAT much. All he did was tell the Autobots a little about where Scrounge went. Not much more. However he's drawn surprisingly pleasingly (well, considering the fact he's SUPPOSED to look decrepit and pathetic...), and is a lot of fun, all up. I really do quite like this character.


Well, at least as much as you can like a character that appeared in like one issue and only lasted a few panels at that.


Geez, this 'Over All' section really is just an excuse for me to say, "I quite liked this character," isn't it?


Wheezel and Scrounge.