Appearances:He may be crap, but at least he has ball joints.

US Transformers

#17 (The Smelting Pool)








Unknown, it's possible a Transformer in condition this poor could no longer Transform.




Telus, like Rotorbolt, was used to paint a picture of Cybertron as a bleak wasteland of death and destruction. He did a pretty good job, for someone who just, well, died.


Because neither Telus nor Rotorbolt are well identified I've used a simple name-order system to decide who is who. Telus was mentioned first, Telus was therefore the first guy to appear on the page. It's just that simple!




Telus was one of two neutrals running through the Dead End (a place in Cybertron where 'empties' go, not the Stunticon) when we first get a glimpse of Cybertron. He was pursued by several Decepticon Hunter-Seeker Skyships, out for blood. Though he put all he had into getting away he was caught and killed by the Decepticon known as Ferak.


Shortly after his death, Telus was taken by a Decepticon Harvester Unit to be recycled as raw materials for making new Decepticons. To this end he was melted down in the Smelting Pool and turned into nothing more than a few bars of metal.

Ferak dishes out death to Telus and Rotorbolt. Mmmm, yummy fresh death.



Tech Specs/TFU:  

None. And with good reason: he didn't really DO anything. If he'd had stats they would have been rather limited. Because he's an Empty from the Dead End (the place on Cybertron, not the Stunticon), he's already at a physical disadvantage, let alone the fact that he was small, unarmed and pretty hopeless looking. Still, he could run well, maybe he'd have a medium-level speed.




I have only one major comment. If this guy became a toy, at least he'd have BALL JOINTS! (Take a look at the picture to see what I'm talking about.)



Over All:  

Well, he's just THERE isn't he? You can't really say much about this guy. Very standard hi-then-die fare.




US Issue #17

    A small picture of Telus in 'Yomtov Red'.