The Last Autobot has landed!!




US Transformers

#79 + 80 (The Last Autobot, End of the Road)




"And now.. it is time for this mindless war to cease. It is done, finished."




A space-cruiser, see below.




The Last Autobot was a new concept in Transformers introduced in the last couple of issues of the comic book. He was an extension of Primus. A kind of 'new god' destined to replace the old god.


He was a very strange, and very ambiguous figure. One that was rather hard to understand, and is still kind of hard to understand having re-read his two appearances over and over.


The Last Autobot was known by many names, including the Soul of Cybertron, and the Ultimate Warrior (which was the Decepticon name). However, for some reason, looking at his headshot, 'The Last Autobot' seems the most appropriate name.




The Last Autobot was created by Primus along with Cybertron to be the guardian of Cybertron when Primus himself died.


When Cybertron no longer had Primus to hold it together the last Autobot would be woken by the Chosen One, and would use his power to stabilise the dying world so that Primus' children could remain there.

Remaking of Hi-Q. Picture is brown because it's a flash back.

The face of the chosen one was unexpected though; Hi-Q, his soul bonded with Optimus Prime's. The Last Autobot re-created Hi-Q and Optimus' souls, providing them a new  body which was much more powerful than just Hi-Q alone. This was Action Master Optimus Prime.


That done, the giant figure of cosmic power restored Cybertron, and stopped the planet from tearing itself apart.


That done too, The Last Autobot then Transformed and ferried Optimus and the Neo Knights to the planet Klo. There he oversaw the final battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. While the Decepticons attacked, the Last Autobot restored those Autobots who'd fallen to life, so they could rejoin the battle. The Decepticons couldn't possibly defeat a self-regenerating army, so they retreated, claiming that the war was over and that they'd fight no more.


Well, not until Generation: 2, anyway.


Some time between his awakening and Generation: 2 the Last Autobot restored the Matrix to Optimus Prime, presumably when he re-created the Autobot leader, though there's no definite evidence telling exactly when this happened.



Tech Specs/TFU:  

10, 10, 10, 10!! Yikes!! This guy is huge, and invincible! He has cosmic powers for Primus's sake!! I personally would NOT want to take this guy on in a fight. No way, man. Not a chance!



Notice the robot mode features (the legs) on his jet mode.Toy:  

I think, interestingly, the Last Autobot would actually make a really cool toy. Andy Wildman, the artist who drew him, seemed to put a fair amount of effort into making it seem like the Last Autobot COULD Transform. He has alt mode features in robot mode, and robot mode features in his alt mode. His transformation seems fairly simple (fold his arms to his side, fold his cockpit out from his back, then fold his legs over his back) but actually seems possible. Even though it's never going to happen I'd LOVE to see a toy of this guy. Or at least a model kit. However, seeing as the model kits are Japanese, and the comic is American, it's not likely that will happen either.



Over All:  

The Last Autobot is strange, but he brings up interesting ideas of Transformer theology. Based on the idea of the Last Autobot the Decepticons created the myth of the Ultimate Warrior, a ravager of worlds. Based on that the mystic art of Metallikato was created... many Transformers' myths could have sprung up from the idea of the Last Autobot, who knows how many others there are?


It also makes one wonder how many different ways the legends, tales and truths of Primus, or Boltax or the Underbase have been twisted over time. Is TF culture as rife with myth and legend as human culture? It's something to ponder.




A nice big picture of the Last Autobot.