This section is devoted to the pages and pages of techno-babble and strange devices from the Transformers comic-books. All the technology on this page, however, is devoted to the Transformers stuff, not the fleshling or human technology.


If a piece of technology appeared in more than one media (for example comic and tech specs) then it won't appear here. So Hound's holograms aren't likely to be listed in this section (though admittedly I'm unsure if he used them in the comic-books).




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Cerebro-Scopic Search (Transformers #8) A kind of medical 'brain scan' used by Ratchet on Slag. He used it to discover how the Dinbots 'defeated' Shockwave, four million years before. A similar process was later used by Shockwave to examine the thoughts of Frenzy (issue 10).









Electro-Calcinator (Transformers #16) A device designed by Shockwave to control the brain functions of the Autobot known as Bumblebee. The device was huge; about fifty to a hundred times the size of an actual Transformer brain. Perhaps Bumblebe just had a really big brain? Who knows?

Shockwave plays with his electro-calcinator.





Facsimile Circuitry (Transformers #14 [debut]) Facsimile Circuitry was installed into the Autobots, allowing them to blend into their environment more easily. Human beings would pop up from out of the seats of the Transformers  to offer a basic looking (they had no lower halves, and acted fairly mechanically) drivers. This allowed the Autobots to drive around in the comic-books without people saying, "Hey! there's no drivers!" every second scene, like in the TV show. 


In the UK comics facsimile circuitry was once used to rather comical effect. Smokescreen once tried to show Sparkplug Witwicky his facsimile circuitry while Sparkplug was in his front seat. While you don't actually see what happens, I'm sure the phrase 'head up the butt' would be the most appropriate.






A Harvester unit hard at work!


Harvester Unit (Transformers #17) Large, sinister, robotic vehicles which would scoop up the bodies of vanquished Decepticon foes (or vanquished Decepticons, for that matter) and dump them into the Smelting Pool, to be made into raw materials for the production of new Decepticons.





















M.A.R.B. (Transformers #8 and Transformers UK #49) Ratchet uses a hover-platform to navigate the 'Savage Land' and uncover the Dinobots. A high-pressure hose from the M.A.R.B. was used to 'dig' the Dinobots out of the tar. Later he hooked the M.A.R.B.'s monitors into Slag to read his memories and discover what happened when the Dinobots fought Shockwave 4 million years ago. (It turned out that what happened is that Shockwave and the Dinobots were buried for four million years because Snarl was stupid.)


The M.A.R.B. was used again in the UK story 'Dinobot Hunt' by Ironhide and Jazz, when they were trying to subdue the rogue Dinobot Slag. They used the M.A.R.B. to keep up with Jetfire in the desert terrain where Slag was hanging out. This suggests that, despite its ponderous appearance, the M.A.R.B. could actually tear up the terrain.


M.A.R.B. stands for 'Mobile Autobot Repair Bay'. Some have suggested this could be Ratchet's repair-bay from the toy. Dialogue in the UK Comics appearance, and the fact that the MARB looks nothing like Ratchet's (or Ironhide's) platform section make this very unlikely.


Mind Bank (Transformers #14) Before the Ark left to Cybertron, five Autobots had their mind engrams recorded into five special crystals. These would then be used to give life to five warriors on Earth if help was needed. After severe losses in their early battles against the Decepticons, the Autobots revived the five Autobots in the mind bank; Grapple, Hoist, Smokescreen, Skids and Tracks.

The 'mindbank' made up of crystals with TF brains stored on them.


This leaves open the possibility that two versions of each character exists! The originals on Cybertron and the copies on Earth!!



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Prime's Head, Evil version (Transformers #12) During Optimus Prime's time minus a body,  his head was duplicated by Shockwave. This evil head was dumped by the Decepticon drone Jetfire and later retrieved by the Autobots. When it was connected with Prime's body, it took control and attacked the Autobots, until Prime's real head was returned and it took over again.


Jetfire drops off the evil head for the Autobots to pick up.


Power Siphon (Transformers #14) The power siphon was a device used to drain energy from almost any source and store it as Energon cubes. In issue #14 Shockwave used the device to steal sound energy from a rock concert, only to be stopped by Bumblebee.


No, really, it's true.














Smelting Pool (Transformers #17, 18 + Headmasters #1) The Smelting Pool was a massive pit of molten metal constructed in the name of Lord Straxus. Both the corpses of dead Transformers and living captives were thrown in the pit, to be melted down and recycled into new Transformers. Both Autobots and Neutrals were regular victims of the Smelting Pool, though the occasional Decepticon was also fed to its all-devouring heat.

The smelting pool!! Need I say more?


Storm Maker (Transformers #54) The Storm Maker was a device used by the Decepticons to create a massive thunder storm in an attempt to turn Manhattan into a giant electrical conductor. The Storm Maker was guarded by Skullgrin and destroyed by the Autobot Micromaster named Mudslinger.


Click on the number for the Storm Maker image (1).







Tubes of Transference (Transformers #4) These are strange tubes used to transfer energy from one Transformer to another. In a last ditch attempt to gain the energy to fight the Decepticons, the Autobots used these tubes to transfer their energy reserves into a small elite group of warriors (Optimus, Huffer, Ironhide, Bluestreak and Mirage). The attempt failed, and they were defeated.


Click on the number for the Tubes of Transference image (1).


Yes boys, that's one big-arse crystal radio set.Transdimensional Radiowave Scrambler (Transformers #10, debut. Other versions used, unnamed, throughout Transformers history.) A powerful communications device used to contact Cybertron. In issue 10 Huffer was attempting to build such a device, only to be beaten to the crunch by the Constructicons. They contacted Cybertron, asking them to send help to Earth. Though the original Radiowave Scrambler was destroyed, the technology was no doubt included in later bases, allowing the Decepticons to talk freely to Cybertron.



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Note: I have examined the following comics to garner this information: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 33, 34 (33 and 34 are reprints of a UK comic), 43 (This issue was adapted from the cartoon, so doesn't count.)