This section of the site is maintained by Jhiaxus.Welcome to the section of the Archive all about the US cartoon.


This is, surprisingly enough, one of the smaller sections of the archive. Unlike the comics the cartoon wasn't really allowed to show anyone dying (well, except Dion, of course). Because of this disposing of obscure characters was difficult. As such, they just never really had many.





Alpha Trion -- Autobot Leader [and poor man's Emirate Xaaron]


Beta -- Autobot Rebel Leader


Giant Decepticon Warrior -- Giant Decepticon Warrior [duh]


Chromia -- Female Autobot Warrior


Devcon -- Autobot Bounty Hunter


Warrior -- Decepticon... uh... Warrior. (Dammit.)


Dion -- Autobot Dock Worker


Firestar -- Female Autobot Warrior


Hauler -- The Best of the First


Moonracer -- Female Autobot Warrior