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This section of the site is maintained by Monzo.Here's my crappy list of links. Go to these places... or don't.






Cybertron City

Cybertron City is the place where this website is hosted. It would be rather remiss of me not to mention them straight away! You might like it there, you might not, but you better go, boyos. Oh yeah, you BETTER go.

Alpha Trion's Database

This website is pretty good. It's the place I tend to go when I just can't ID that new toy I got.


Sadly the site doesn't seem to have been updated in years. If it was updated it could be the coolest site on the web. Or not.]

Zobovor's Muti-Faceted Transformers Website

Someone emailed me and said they found my site again through the link on Zobovor's site. Thanks, Zob.


He's into anally retentively analysing just about anything to do with the Transformers. Particularly the cartoon. It's not too bad of a site. 

A site with TF Instructions

This is where I go once I've identified that new toy I just got, and I want to see what its instructions say.


A good way of identifying which bits and pieces you're missing.

International Tech Specs Archive

A nice big archive of tech specs from around the world. Check it out, it might help you get information on all those toys you've been wondering about; or at least their characters.

Electric Escape

Rob Jung's web page. This site has an enormous amount of information. Check out the summaries of many of the various TF continuities. Includes TF toy lists, comic summaries and cartoon summaries.

Walky's TF Page

Walky's just a guy, y'know?

 You ever heard of BotCon? It's a convention for Bots. Simple.


BotCon is the official Transformers convetion, actually. It's held in the USA. There are other TF conventions, but they haven't had... er... y'know... stuff. What would I know? I haven't been to a TF convention.


Rapido's site is a Gen2 site. If you haven't been there, then, well, you suck. Simple as that.


In fact, the UN now uses this method to decide who is and isn't on their official 'suck' register. So if you don't want the UN coming around with white tanks and berets and kicking your arse, go here. 

The Serpent's Lair

This is Raksha's site. I'll be brutally honest; I don't agree with Raksha's take on Transformers. I personally think cartoon Soundwave is a really bland guy who once Transformed into a lamp post. But Raksha can be interesting to talk to, and has gotten me a tonne of UK comics.


Go UK comics!



Their minds are 'LINKED'. Get it?