Fan Art!


This section of the web site is devoted completely to me. This is the place where I show off my 'artistic talents'. Jhiaxus (otherwise known as Andrew Sorohan) likes to draw, and he also likes to draw Transformers.


Most of this stuff is in black and white... but I'm open to people computer colouring it for me. I personally tend to hand colour stuff.


Click to head to the Portraits page.Portraits

These drawings are portraits, head shots... okay, okay... this is my rip-off of M. Sipher's Mugshots site, minus the cool. Enjoy.




Click to head to the Full Body Shots page.Full Body Shots

These are shots of all or most of a Transformers' body. These are my 'boxart' or 'Dreamwave poster' art. IE: Static shots of characters standing around doing nothing. 




Click to head to the Transitional page.Transitional Art

Basically these are drawings shown in their black-and-white form, then in their coloured form.




Obscure Transformers

What can I say? this is the Obscure Transformers website, right?





Click to head to the Beast Wars page.Beast Wars

Welcome to the Beast Wars. These pictures are devoted to those crazy battlin' beasts. I love these guys. This is probably the only place you'll see that 'love' on this otherwise Gen1 site.



Click to head to the Beast Machines page.Beast Machines

I've never seen the cartoon, and I only got a tiny portion of the toys, but I loved Beast Machines too. The toys were great. 




Click to head to the Gobots page.Gobots

The Gobots had some problems (just look at those horrid Super Gobots toys) but the line had a lot going for it too. Transformers was better, but now Gobots *IS* Transformers. So here's some fanart.




Click to head to the Cartoon page.Cartoony Drawings 

Most of these drawings relate to ''Grim Tales" a kinda weird cartoony Transformers strip I once had in the works (still thinking about doing more on it). It's set after G2, and stars a bunch of seemingly randomly chosen Autobots and Decepticons.




Click to head to the Other Stuff page.Other Stuff

These are drawings and things that can't be classified with the stuff above. Check it all out.