The transition here is from black and white to colour. First take a look at the original black and white art, then at the coloured version.


The method I use to do coloured Transformers art involves many steps. First I draw a pencil drawing of the Transformer. Then I ink over the drawing. Once the inking is done and the pencil is rubbed out I scan the drawing. This scan I print out on heavy cartridge paper. I then colour the scan using water-colour pencils, gauche or whatever. Once the drawing is coloured I re-ink it, to make sure the black lines are nice  and strong again. That's then scanned onto the computer again and that's what you see.


Maybe if I learn to computer colour I can skip some of these steps.





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This is a funny drawing. One guy I showed it to said it was weird to see me draw a Romitaised version of a Transformer, rather than taking him from the toy.


Another guy I showed him to said it was weird to see Powerglide drawn like the toy rather than like the cartoon version. Go figure. 

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Coloured version of the Powerglide drawing above. Never did give him an Autobot insignia. Oh well.

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This is one of my best pieces of Fan Art, a picture of Scorponok doing an interview with famous cartoon new reporter (from G.I.-Joe, Inhumanoids and Jem, and perhaps even a TF episode) Hector Ramirez.

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Here's hector and Scorponok again. This time in colour. This is the best colour TF I've ever done.


Also note that in this image Hector gains a tie.