These are just head-shots of various Transformers. Mostly, at the moment, these are Gen2 and UK guys that you've probably never seen. (Unless you're from the UK and loved Gen2...)




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Rage is a Gen2 UK Stormtrooper. He is one of those character concepts that just captures me. He's a Decepticon whose only character trait is that he's angry.


If he ever met Tantrum the world would be a much worse place. 

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Roadraider, Calcar, use whatever name you like.


I like this guy. Gen2, and very pink. Pinkity pink pink pink.

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Rotorstorm. This is a black and white drawing, so you can pretend it's Machine Wars Sandstorm if you like. If someone wants to colour this, then they can colour it as either character. I don't care. Go crazy.

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Can you say crap? Then you can definitely describe this drawing! Snipe with a huge, huge, huge, huge neck.


Snipe = a Gen2 jet. He's a blue jet. Woo. Blue.

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Staxx is one of the crappiest Transformers ever. His moulding is so crap that the sculptor forgot to give him a mouth.


It's not that his mouth looks crap, it's not that his mouth moulding is vague. He just doesn't have one, period.

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Here's a colour image I did of Soundwave's head. Really don't have much more to say about it than that.