Here's a bunch of drawings with random themes to them. Fight scenes, tributes to other artists, big group shots, etc. Enjoy.




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This image is my tribute to Don Perlin. It's a scene taken from issue 17 of the Transformers comic, recast. 


In the place of Straxus is Galvatron. In the place of Scrounge is the Rock Lord known as Magmar. In the place of Shrapnel is a Firecon. I can't remember which one.


Check it out, and enjoy.

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Here's a weird, weird group shot. This was a shot of all my diaclone-mould Transformers toys. (Except Grimlock, Gen2 Inferno and Dirge.)


I've since then gotten a whole lot more Diaclone-mode toys (on top of the three I originally left out), so some of the meaning of this image has been lost. But boy it makes for a strange picture, doesn't it?

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This is a shot of Landfill and friends. 


Watch as Landfill Transforms into... robot mode! The little robots on the other hand are doing a bit of a Transformation into their gun modes.


Landfill is a Double-Targetmaster you see.

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Laser Rod Optimus Prime vs. the Firecons. The Firecons here are Flamefeather and Cindersaur. I leave it to you to determine who is who.

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Read into it what you will. This is a drawing of the mighty UK Predator Talon putting an end to the Minibot known as Powerglide.