The Gobots weren't all suck. Sure their cartoon was absolute trash. Sure they had a lot of crummy toys and a lot of crummy alt modes, but they weren't all suck Loco sucks, but then all Transforming trains suck.


Gobots deserve a little bit of fanart out there, and here it is. Remember, Gobots IS Transformers now. Leader-1 has joined the Decepticons, and even Optimus Prime has been a Gobot. Rock on Gobots.




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I tried not to make Crasher too obviously feminine. The fact that she wasn't a pathetic wishy-washy female character is what was great about Crasher.


Transformers didn't get a decent female character like her (IE: one that wasn't a simple, stupid, cliche) until Beast Wars with Blackarachnia.

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I drew this, then later found out that in the Japanese cartoon Fitor (or rather whatever he was called in Japan) had a sword.


Go figure.

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Leader-1 had nicotine stained teeth in the Gobots cartoon. Not a very good role model, is he?

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Zod is a crazy-huge dino-roller thing. I tried to make him look less dorky than he did in the cartoons.


Zod was a really strange little character. He was meant to be this uber-menace monster. But he also had a simple weakness. He had a giant red 'off' switch on his tummy.


I've drawn in the off switch, just for the hell of it.