Despite the title not all of these pictures are of the entire Transformer. For the most part they are, but not all of them are. Here's where you'll find the more detailed and in depth art. IE: Pointless shots of Transformers standing around doing nothing. Enjoy.





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Talon kicks your arse. Accept it. 


Talon is an awesome little Decepticon jet, who hooks up with the rest of the UK Predators (well, he hooks up with the big guys at least) in a totally unique way.


This picture is part of a bigger picture with Stalker in the background, but Stalker's not finished yet.

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Staxx is an absolutely terrible toy. But on the other hand, he's got a pull-back motor. I love those damn things.


The reason he has no mouth is because the toy has no mouth. This image is destined to be coloured.

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Here's a couple of Monster Pretenders to get the party started. Very simple line-drawing. Slog's not really finished either.


Really should do more to this.

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Cutthroat is the only one of the Terrorcons that I own. I enjoyed drawing this picture, but it really needs to be coloured. Like a lot of the images in this column it's waiting to be coloured.


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Here's Grimlock in robot mode. Really don't have much more to say than that.

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Okay, I'll admit it. I love to draw Grimlock.


I also love Derek Yaniger's art.


This is the combination of both loves. A Yaniger-inspired Grimlock Dino-mode.

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Here's another picture of Snipe. He looks a lot better here, in full colour and with no giant neck.


Only problem is that he isn't endowed in the 'shoulder' department. On the toy Snipe's arms come straight out of his wings. That's how I drew it.

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Okay, Brawn here isn't doing nothing. But there's more than just that which is weird about this drawing.


You see, I don't have the Brawn toy.


Generally when I draw Transformers I draw from the toy. This allows me to put more detail in and to capture something that other artists might not have captured. With Brawn I didn't do this. This is pure Romita Brawn, baby! Enjoy!

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Tried to give Buzzsaw and Laserbeak here two distinct looks. As with Brawn I don't have these toys, so this shot is pretty much straight Romitaised Transformers. Still, hope you enjoy it.

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Triggerhappy is probably one of my favourite Jet Decepticons, bar none. He never really did much, but he's just such a cool character concept that you can't go past him.


He's a Targetmaster who is absolutely in love with gunfire. You can't go wrong with an idea like that.

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I really should be bothered to create a Robots In Disguise page, but I can't do it. Maybe some other time.


This image of Windsheer is so insanely bright that you'll need to kill your eyes after seeing it. Enjoy.