The cartoons here are all (for the moment) the character model sheets for my 'Grim Tales' strip.


What's Grim Tales you ask? Well, the basic settup is that it's set after the G2 comic. Optimus Prime and Megatron both send out rival ships to explore the universe, populated by warriors they generally want to get rid of. Optimus Prime has Grimlock in charge of his ship, Megatron has Starscream.




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Aimless is Misfire's Targetmaster Sidekick. Where Misfire can't shoot the broadside of a barn with a Mack Truck, Aimless doesn't even try.


Aimless is the laziest Transformers character in existence. That's very cool.

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Hook is the most powerful Decepticon.


Why, you ask? Well think about it, out of the Autobots they have tonnes of dedicated medics. Ratchet, Fixit, First Aid, Hoist... But amongst the Decepticons how many medics do they have?


One. Hook.


If you want repairs, you go to Hook. That makes Hook the most powerful Decepticon. If you are a Decepticon you do *NOT* do something to annoy Hook. Even Megatron can't afford to piss him off.


This is why the Predacons invented CR chambers. 

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A little single-panel joke-strip.

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Mindwipe is one of those TF character types who only comes along once. He's a new-age witch Transformer. He's all into seeing the future, talking to spirits and hosting sťances. That's just so damn cool!


He's the TF equivalent of those annoying bastards who think they're just so spiritual, who everyone hates, except other bastards who think they're just so spiritual... Er. I think I got sidetracked for a second there. 

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There have been many 'needlessly angry' TFs. Ramhorn is the first (well, not he's not, the Dinobots were there before him) and the coolest (actually, that's a lie too).

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Skullcruncher is a glutton Transformer whose head unit is a lawyer. Do I need to say any more?

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This here is Skullcruncher's robot mode. 

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Talks backwards, Weirdwolf does. Like Yoda, perhaps? Knows, who? Cares, who? Weirdwolf is cool. In fact, the three regular Decepticon Headmasters are some of the best TF characters ever.

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This is Monzo. He's Weirdwolf's Headmaster unit. On Nebulos he was a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER!!!


Monzo is also the nick of my Screencap guy. Rock on.