Beast Wars is probably the best Transformers will ever be. The story, the animation, the toys. Everything was perfect. All we needed was a really high quality comic and Beast Wars would be the ultimate Transformers era.


Sadly most fans can't see that, and because of it we're stuck with endless rehashes of Generation 1. Optimus Prime, fah. Give me Optimus Primal. Oh yeah, and Beast Wars Megatron wasn't the pretender to the throne. Beast Wars Megatron was the real deal, baby!





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Buzzclaw is a Fuzor. You might notice that a lot of the guys in this section are Fuzors. No real reason for that.


This is one of my favourite Beast Wars drawings. (Of the ones I've drawn, that is.) 

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Bantor is yet another Fuzor. I did a picture of him an age ago and got some good feedback on it... mostly from myself. The toy isn't incredibly inspiring to play with, but is a lot of fun to draw.


Bantor was easy as hell to colour to an 'okay' degree. Doing the heavy inks reduced the amount of volume I had to create with the colours. The colours were done in Adobe Photoshop.

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This is the first toy of Megatron released in Beast Wars. Crocodile Megatron was a a joy to draw. There's tonnes of textures and surfaces to detail on him.


Compared to Bantor I was attempted to do a less heavy style of inking on Megs here.

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Snapper. Snapper is one of the first year Beast Wars characters. Snapper is a rocket-powered turtle. Snapper is Gamera. For this reason I drew Snapper based on a Gamera poster. His pose, and proportions are based more on Gamera than on the toy.


Again, Snapper was fun to draw because of the various textures; his leathery skin, his metallic parts, his claws, his nobbly shell. Awesome.

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Ironhide, the Elephant. This was pure 'hatching', and I'm not sure it was totally successful. An experiment in style.

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It's too bad that Sky Shadow wasn't in the show. He was probably one of the best Fuzors. Very neat toy.

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Torca drawn with somewhat Dreamwaveish proportions. Check out those massive legs. I'm really quite happy with this drawing. The scan isn't totally clear, but he doesn't have fangs, his mouth is instead a grill.


The thing that really appeals to me about Torca is that he has those huge, awesome horns. I've loved those since "Bruton" in the 1980s  Astro Boy TV series.


For this image I reversed Torca's gun, to give it a more convincing gun-barrel. The toy can hold the gun just fine like that.

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This is an image of the Transmetal 2 known as Night Glider fighting the Botcon exclusive character known as Onyx Primal.


(No, I don't have Onyx Primal. I used Optimus Primal for reference here.)

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This is the bat version of Optimus Primal. Don't have much to say about him, except that I'm not sure if I should have given him an insignia or not. It may not have been a good idea.


I'm pretty darn pleased with the texture of his wings, though.

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Transmetal 2 Megatron is awesome. Absolutely Awesome. I got mine for 20 dollars Australian, about the price of a Deluxe toy over here. That made him even more awesome.


This is either a drawing of his head in dragon mode, or his arm in robot mode. You decide.

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Transmetal 2 Spittor always struck me as something of a dark character. Here he is hanging on the wall after doing a bit of killing.


(The dead are Optimus Minor, Night Glider and Stink Bomb, just so you know.)