Sadly we were severely hurt on Beast Machines in Australia. The toyline stopped not even half way through, and the cartoon only out on Pay-TV. (That means I've NEVER seen it!) Oh well, I enjoyed the few toys I did get, and here's a little bit of fan art.




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The Beast Machines Vehicons beat the Beast Wars toys for one very simple reason. They were covered in weapons. Decent weapons was something really, really lacking in Beast Wars. The Vehicons brought it back.




Mirage here is one of the best examples of a weapon-laden crazy. He rocks.

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I drew this Beast Machines Thrust drawing after doing the quick pencils for the image entitled bmthrust_002.jpg (and yes I know 'bmthrust' could be read very badly, if you wanted it to be.).


I drew this one straight with ink, without doing any pencils. It came out okay, I suppose. Mostly I drew this drawing so I'd have thrust in his uni-wheeler pose as well as his two-legged pose. People get anal about these sorts of things. (Coughcoughmirage'sguncoughcough).

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Here's Thrust in his two-legged robot mode. This one is destined to be coloured. Maybe. If I get around to it. That's why it doesn't have much shading, if any.