"So, tell me about your mother..."


There are two hosts of this website. One is Monzo, one is Jhiaxus.


This section of the site is maintained by Jhiaxus.Monzo is an intelligent, and insightful geek who handles the 'getting of the images' side of the website. He scans a tonne of stuff, and does ALL the screen captures for the site. Every single capture here from the TV show is done by Monzo.


Jhiaxus is a little less intelligent, a little less insightful and a lot more Australian (though definitely pretty much as geeky). He does scan a fair few of the comic images for the site (well, to be honest MOST of them) and he's the one who constructs the basic settup and graphics of the site.


Together, they have created this website, if you want to talk to them about it, feel free to email obscuretf@yahoogroups.com