Robo-capers was a comic strip produced for Transformers UK. It appeared for many issues, until it was replaced by Combat Collin (a strip from the same artist/writer).


The strip was created by Lew Stringer, and, generally was just the adventures of various robots, and a weird, evil, king of the robots.


Sometimes, however, Robo-capers would have a strip which was directly taking the piss out of its parent comic, Transformers. This page is devoted to showcasing these Transformers-based Robo-capers strips.




He swoops to conquer...

Source: Transformers UK #87

Comments: It's not exactly the GREATEST Robo-capers joke, but it is good for a chuckle. The phrase 'Dinobot Droppings', is however, hillarious.




Transformers that just didn't quite make it...

Source: Transformers UK #88

Comments: This is one of the strips that made Robo-capers great!


Here you have a bunch of Transformers who never made the grade. It would be very remiss of the Obscure Transformers guy NOT to include this strip on his page if he had it, wouldn't it?! Unfortunately, the Obscure Transformers guy writing this (Jhiaxus) doesn't have this strip, this is a scan done by Monzo. Darnit.


These probably can't be considered canonical Transformers, but they do TF better than a LOT of the fan made characters out there.


I scanned this one myself! Yay!

The jokes in this are.. very, very British, as I suspect most of Robo-Capers is. The significance of Bozo's name is lost on me, and I have no idea what the "Keith Harris and Orville Show" is. At least Bozo sort of got a successor by way of Armada Sureshock. -- Monzo


I don't know why he was called Bozo either.



Christmas, for Transformers

Source: Transformers UK #93

Comments: This one is sooo brilliant because it's just sooo true!


It could also be because I grew up reading stupid British cartoon strips like this. I dunno.



Megatron presents, Transformers that didn't make the grade!

Source: Transformers UK #97

Comments: Yet more of what you saw above. Transformers who weren't quite up to scratch.


I bet that Lew Stringer would be surprised to discover that what he clearly thought was a dopey idea is not just a reality, but something that has become a recurring theme for the Japanese Transformers toyline. Transforming trains.


It would also be remiss of me not to mention that of all of these 'Transformers that didn't make the grade', Chiller is my favourite. He just looks so evil.


As an American, I have no idea what a "milk float" is. I thought his name and posture were going to somehow be senior-citizen related. Who knew?

I, too, agree that Chiller looks incredibly evil. Someone should do fan-art of him. Or any of these guys, really. -- Monzo


A Milk Float is like a large golf-cart (in appearance) and the Milkmen in England use them to deliver milk. (Or used to, I'm not sure if they still deliver milk.) Just think of the Milkmen psychiatrists sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.



Grimlock Presents, Transformers that didn't make the grade!

Source: Transformers UK #114

Comments: Some more of Lew Stringer's crazy Transformers.


The really amazing thing about this strip is Handlebars' incredible resemblance to the minicon known as High Wire. Look at him, apart from the fact that his tyres are in the wrong place he transforms almost exactly the same way as High Wire. (Admitedly, that's partly because there's not many options for a TFing bicycle.)


Incidentally, while the idea of Transforming fireplaces and hot hair balloons is utterly stupid, we have had a Transforming clock. (Admittedly this was a Japanese Beast Wars Neo toy, and it was also notable for having an anatomically correct animal form...)