Welcome to a web page which investigates a subject never before fully explored in a web page...




The images presented bellow are both odd, and attempt to answer this age-old question. None of these are fanfic pics. These are taken from official comics, story books, and even the cartoon! None of what you see bellow is doctored by me; this is stuff genuinely produced by artists working on Transformers.


Please, do not try to remove your Prime's face mask at home. (Though if you do, take a picture and send it into the site. I'd love to see what, say, Armada Prime looks like without his face plate.)



Ouch, that's GOTTA hurt!

Source: Transformers: Gen2 #12

Comments: Optimus Prime, minus his face plate. As with most other pictures on this little page his face plate has been removed violently. What we see underneath is hardly pretty! Circuits and pipes and wires!!





I'm a human being, that stuff isn't gross to me.


Never mind. This picture of what's under Prime's face mask is probably one of the most logical... but probably one of the least fun...



Optimus Prime and the teeth of Doom!

Source: Transformers: Gen2 #1

Comments: This one's a little neater. With his face mask consumed by the Swarm (at least in a vision) we get to see that Optimus Prime has quite a vicious set of teeth!!


I wonder if this means he has to be torn to shreds before he can give Elita One a love bite?


Let's hope that's the case.



It's just a glimpse, but them is ugly teeth!

Source: Transformers: UK #205

Comments: When we come to Lee Sullivan the glimpse underneath Prime's mask is a little bit more subtle. Okay, I'll admit, this shot is something that doesn't happen, but it is something that did happen. What I mean is, while it's not part of events that transpire, it's an event that had to transpire for the events that really transpired to have transpired...




Dammit, I hate time-travel stories. Even I'm confused now.



He's one UGGGGGLY Autobot.

Source: Storybook: The Great Car Rally

Comments: Here's a strange little piece. I took this from a story book called 'The Great Car Rally'. The story is terrible, but the art is GORGEOUSLY painted. All except for the fact that Optimus Prime doesn't seem to have his face mask!!


This picture leads me to the conclusion that (at least in story books...) Optimus Prime, minus his face mask, is UGLY.



"Mmm fffmrrm mll ynnn mmrrml."

Source: Gen1, Season 2 episode The Search for Alpha Trion

Comments: Thanks to Monzo's dedication to taking caps of every frame of the Transformers cartoon, we have found this piece of weirdness. A strange frame from Search for Alpha Trion which seems to suggest that under Prime's face plate he has... well, very little.


The weird thing is that the artist has put shading in under Prime's nose... which wouldn't be visible if his face plate had been drawn in...



Click to see more Manny Gallan Prime-with-no-faceplate. IF YOU DARE!!

Source: Transformers: Gen2 #12

Comments: As always Gallan couldn't draw an original drawing if you paid him (was he paid, I certainly HOPE not!!). This one seems to incorporate the pipes and wires of Senior and the teeth of Yaniger. Interesting combination I suppose. Why would he have a set of teeth behind the face mask BEHIND all those wires and things...


Maybe he just needs to feel like he has teeth?


Maybe... Just Maybe... they're a vestigial feature left over from millennia of evolution.





"Prowl, tell your sister you were right about me... you were right..."

Source: Transformers #76

Comments: The final contributor to this look at Prime without a face mask is Andrew Wildman. Unlike the majority of the other pictures, the Prime dismembered here is Powermaster Optimus Prime (the others are almost ALL the original version of OP).


It seems that behind Powermaster Optimus Prime's mask is a leftover feature from his career at McDonalds. He's got a nifty little speaker-thingy! Woo-woo!!


Hmmm... I wonder if he can play CDs...