Transformers that aren't nude!



Hello again, and welcome to another page of the strange and unusual side of the Transformers universe! This page deals with the more obscure habit some Transformers have, of dressing up! For most Transformers, here's no need to go around dressing up like a ninny in clothes. Naked is fine for them. But some Transformers get a little self-conscious, or the need to look cool, so they decide to shove some clothes on.


Consider this a page of do's and don'ts for Transformers fashion.



"I'm dreaming of a Prime Christmas..."

Source: Transformers UK #93 (Corner Box)

Comments: Something festive to start. Yes, this is no joke. I didn't draw this myself, or edit an image on the computer. That's Optimus Prime wearing a Santa Outfit!


This picture was originally the cover of UK issue #41 'Christmas Breaker'. This scan here is from the corner box of a later UK Christmas special (as I don't have issue 41 myself). Issue 41 also contains an even more frightening/amusing picture of Optimus Prime decked out in a different Santa outfit.


"Me Grimlock scarred by early life locked in closet."

Source: Transformers: Generation 2 #11

Comments: For a short time in the last few issues of Generation 2, Grimlock seemed to fancy himself something of a Rambo. Or, at the very least, he decided to wear a bandana!


In the larger version of this picture you might notice that he's got the words 'Big Grim' scrawled on his arm. Why does it seem appropriate that the Dinobot leader is into the TF equivalent of tattooing? (I can't wait to see his body piercing...)


It must be pointed out that, while this could easily have been really dorky, the way it was drawn, by none other than Geoff Senior, was really, really cool. "Big Grim," has been adopted by many fans as Grimlock's nick-name, and certainly it suits him. I personally think it's great.



"They're shooting at us! How do they know we're Autobots?!"

Source: Gen1, Season 1 episode More than Meets the Eye, pt 3

Comments: This is not just another example of Transformers who aren't nude. It's the FIRST ever example!


Some Transformers were dressing up way back in episode three of the TV series! Yikes!


This is an example of that strange Transformer belief that if you don a really big coat people won't notice that you're a giant freaking robot. In this episode we have Hound's idea to create a giant hologram to fool the Decepticons realised; they create a hologram of a rocket base manned by Minibots in lab coats. Unsurprisingly, this illusion didn't even fool Megatron.


(The fact that the giant hologram of a rocket base is created by Hound only a couple of seconds before the Decepticons show up also sorta ruins the illusion.)


Some Autobots really need to get a clue. Oh well. Take a look at these other images of minibots getting around in big, silly, coats.


Gears crouches, seemingly for no reason.  The guy with the massive head is Huffer from behind.  Notice that the others are watching him run off, surprised at how he looks even MORE deformed than them in labcoats.  Run, Minibots, run!



"Seen this?"

Source: Transformers #61

Comments: Nightbeat, Siren and Hosehead. And what are they wearing? Trench coats.


Now, while this comic book cover rules (it has a neat reference to Pre-Marvel, IE: Timely comics, it looks great, and it has Nightbeat on it), there is a little problem with it.


You have three Transformers, all wearing trench coats. The amazing thing about these coats, and it's something unique to TF clothing in the US Comics stuff, is that they completely conceal the massive shoulder-pads that all three of these guys have. 


Incidentally, I love that hat Nightbeat is wearing.



Source: Transformers #55

Comments: This little one makes me remember that there are a few other examples of Transformers dressed up in big coats to conceal their nature from others. These were mostly, however, Headmaster units. Kreb and the other Decepticon 'small' Headmasters dressed up to fool the Roadjammers (human bounty hunters) once, and Spike dressed up to fool his father. The weird thing about this is that the Headmaster armour actually comes off. They could have just dressed up normally, like Zarak does here.


While these four Micromasters look huge in their trench coats here, somehow the coats completely conceal any fins, jet engines and nosecones from view. Now that is a coat.



Of all the bars in all the... err... never mind.

Source: Transformers UK #230

Comments: Nightbeat again, he really does love trench coats. This time you might note that the coat conforms to the contours of his body, making him look... well... a lot more like a robot in a coat.


Heck, he can't even do that coat up!


Still love that hat.



Take it off!


Take it all off!

Source: Gen1, Season 1 episode More than Meets the Eye, pt 3

Comments: Here is another sequence of Transformers Who Aren't Nude, taken from More Than Meets the Eye. The difference between this version and the version above is that here we have Transformers Who Aren't Nude... but who are getting nude!


Somehow I think, even if we weren't doing a Transformers Who Aren't Nude page, this would be included in the oddities. Watch as Windcharger does a nice little strip-tease for your viewing pleasure.


I... really... don't have any other comments to make on this.



"I'm dreaming of a Grimlock Chris... " nope, it doesn't work with him.

Source: Transformers UK #145, Grim Grams Column

Comments: When it's Christmas everyone gets in on the act! Who can resist putting on a Santa costume? Prime can't, we've already seen that. Prime was dead by issue 145, however, so it seems Grimlock had to pick up the slack!


This slightly modified version of the regular Grim Grams picture appeared in issue 145 of the UK Transformers comic. The same issue featured a Christmas story starring Starscream! Be afraid...