Welcome to my first page of Transformer 'oddities'... 


Here you will find pictures of odd or strange moments in Transformers history. These will be from such wide-ranging sources as colouring books, comics, cartoons, children's books, comics and probably more and more comics. Oddities from the toy boxes might even get included here if I find any.


This page itself has been getting bigger and smaller at random intervals. It gets smaller whenever I add a new page based on a specific category, and steal images from here for that page. But it also gets bigger whenever I find some new stuff. Currently it's sorta in the 'bigger' bracket. Thanks in great part to my Screencap guy, Monzo.


Hope you enjoy this section of obscurity!



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Mmmmm, 4 million year old iceblock.

Source: The back of an Australian compilation of issues 1-4 of the US Transformers comics. Produced by 'Federal Comics'.

Comments: Peters is an ice cream company in Australia (and possibly England? I don't know). During the eighties, around 1985/86, they produced a Transformers ice block.


For a four million year old ice block, it tasted pretty good too, as I recall.



"It was at that moment that I realised my pants had turned orange..."

Source: Transformers UK #324

Comments: This is an interesting little printing stuff-up in a later issue of the UK Transformers comic! Check it out, this may be your only chance ever to see a purple Hi-Q!!


Interesting side note: (well, not actually 'interesting', but at least annoying. Well, if not annoying, at least overlong) these could easily have been the Generation 2 colours for Action Master Grimlock, were he ever released in that form in Gen2. Actually I've decided. This side note is stupid.



"And I shall call him, mini..." No!! Must resist Austin Powers joke!

Source: Gen1, Season 2 episode Desertion of the Dinobots, pt 1

Comments: Well, here's a neat little tidbit, from Desertion of the Dinobots. Shockwave carrying a gun that looks exactly like... Himself!!


Could it be that there's a tiny-mini-micro Shockwave who TFs into Shockers' handgun? Or is it just that Shockwave TFs into a giant version of this model of hand gun? Hmmm... I actually like the second option. It makes Shockwave's gun mode both more plausible and more interesting.


Thanks to Monzo for the picture but more especially for the correct spelling of 'desertion'.



Swoop with hair, yeah yeah.

Source: Story book 'Decepticon Hijack'

Comments: He stoops to conquer! Fear can hit targets beyond the reach of... of... err... Swoop has hair?


This one is from a strangely drawn story book which includes such things as images copied directly from TF covers, a satellite called 'Shooting Star', and countless vague, generic Transformers. This one is just the icing on the cake.



One eyed Decepticon vs One eyed trouser snake. Who wins?

Source: Transformers + G.I.-Joe issue #3 (in a four issue limited series).

Comments: Here's a strange little piece of Transformers history. Take a look at the cover here and see if you can tell what's wrong with it...


That's right! Shockwave has two hands rather than a gun hand and a normal hand! This is not the first time Shockwave has been drawn with two hands (In More Than Meets the Eye, episode 1, for example...), but it's certainly one of the most dramatic.


There's other strange things about this comic too. For one thing it's in terrible condition and another thing, it has a page missing. That's probably just my crappy second hand copy, though.



He vows that Cybertron shall be as Megatron left it, and fulfills that vow by accomplishing nothing in 4 million years. Go Shockwave.

Source: Gen1, Season 1 episode More Than Meets the Eye, pt 1

Comments: You've seen him with two hands as per the comic books, now here's Shockwave again with two hands as per the cartoon series.


This is one of the more famous oddities. A lot of people know about Shockwave's double-hand syndrome in this episode of the TV show.


To see a further picture of this oddity click here.



"Me Roller kick butt!"

Source: Transformers UK 1985 Annual

Comments: The story this oddity belongs to is quite strange in and of itself. It's called "Plague of the Insecticons" and stars a bunch of Insecticons who fail to really fit into any continuity. They're radio controlled by Ravage and attack the Autobots while they're trying to have a chat with Ronald Reagan.


But the madness doesn't end there, oh no.


When Prime has to split off from his team he 'bolsters the armaments' of his Roller, and sends the thing off to fight. And Roller SHOOTS THE CRAP OUT OF BOMBSHELL! That's right boys and girls. In the comics, Roller is a (to use a term I rarely use, and even more rarely spell this way) BADASS!! 





"Wanted: Megatron, Dead or Alive."

Source: Gen1, Season 1 episode Divide and Conquer

Comments: I don't really have anything to say about this one. I just think it's weird.




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