A hologram of this guy tried to warn the Decepticons to get lost. If they'd listened, it wouldn't have been much of an episode.


Episode Season: 

Season 2



The Decepticons find an ancient Autobot colony, and an ancient Autobot weapon. They bring the weapon back to Earth, along with some base cases of the cosmic rust that killed off the colony. Luckily, Perceptor has just invented something which is exactly what they need to cure the rust. Ain't that always the way?



This is one of my little sister's favourite Megatron episodes. She loves the way he cries like a little baby when he loses his hand to the cosmic rust. I agree. It's damn funny. This is Megatron at his most pathetic, and it's great.


But there are other things that are neat about this episode. It contains a lot of suggestions of a 'wider' history of Transformers than we've seen before. The idea of an Autobot colony sets up nicely the kind of environment needed for the season three episode 'Fight or Flee'. More importantly, this episode contains a tonne of neat images of Autobots getting destroyed by cosmic rust. Generic Autobots.


Interesting again is that the design philosophy behind a lot of these Autobots seems very well in line with the movie Transformers. This is particularly obvious with the character Monzo (who did the screen captures here) has dubbed the 'Doomsayer'. Considering the movie was in production at the time, I doubt this was a coincidence.



A goofy brown guy walks around, while the Doomsayer tells the Decepticons about the Antillans.  Another shot of a couple of Antillans. The blue one looks a lot like Blurr.  

Images 3 to 8 are part of a sequence showing the Antillans rusting to death. Poor buggers.  Further rusting.  More rusting and collapsing.  He's rusting out on the floor.  Nearly gone, you can't even make out his face in this one.  Now all that's left is a pile of dust.

The Doomsayer! Notice the criptic writing and creepy staff. Oooo, scarey.  The Doomsayer says some doom to the unimpressed Decepticons.  Already on this page.