Episode Season: 

Season 2



The Autobots get involved in a race for charity. (Except a handful who don't care, or who aren't impressive enough.) Megatron then uses a new invention, the Transfixatron, to trap Optimus Prime and his men in vehicular mode. Rather than just killing the Autobots once they're helpless, he takes them to a ghost town in the wild west and tries to feed them to a massive anime-tentacle sex monster. Megatron's into that sorta thing. (See: Robo-smasher)


Naturally, Wheeljack and Ratchet then turn up with a device that undoes the transfixation, and the Autobots defeat the Decepticons, once more. Next time, Megatron you need to just shoot the Autobots when you have them at your mercy instead of pussy-footing around. You're like god-damned Dr. Evil.


It's like they took bits from every active Autobot, and painted them yellow. [Click for larger version]



The Autobot Run is an episode of the Transformers cartoon which contained... well... 1 generic Transformer. That's it. This generic was shown as a body-plan, and was a decidedly generic Transformer. Very generic indeed. It was there to show how the Transfixatron ray gun worked on Transformers. Click on the picture above to see it in all its DVD-screencap giantness glory.


The thing that sticks in my mind most about this episode is that it's the episode that reveals that Chip Chase... IS A BIG FAT LIAR!! See the oddities section for more information on that little gem.